Planes of Prophecy is available for pre-order now! Check out the replay from the PoP expansion livestream, and learn about the EverQuest II’s 14th expansion. This stream was recorded on Tuesday, October 17, 2017 [More]
Play EverQuest II for free at Celebrate EverQuest II’s 10th Anniversary by taking a look back at the original launch trailer from 2004!
This is a run through highly edited video of every Rise of Kunark Raid Boss in EverQuest 2. The armor im wearing is a mixture of Terrors of Thalumbra and Zek, The Scourged Wastes on [More]
Dizzarian Player EverQuest 2 – Shattered Seas [96 Necromancer] In this episode I move to a new area, The Shattered Isles. Really looking forward to playing through this new zone. Be sure to Join me [More]
2018 Gameplay of the Lore Master (LM) class in the Lord of of the Rings Online (LOTRO) in 2018 and Mordor. The Lore-master is a main support class that uses pets. LMs can debuff enemies [More]
2018 Gameplay of the Minstrel class in the Lord of of the Rings Online (LOTRO) in 2018 and Mordor. The Minstrel is an instrument and song-based class. Minstrels are primarily healers, but can DPS as [More]
2018 Gameplay of the Warden class in the Lord of of the Rings Online (LOTRO) in 2018 and Mordor. The Warden is a versatile and self-sustaining combo-based class using gambits. Wardens can tank, melee DPS [More]
2018 Gameplay of the Rune Keeper (RK) class in the Lord of of the Rings Online (LOTRO) in 2018 and Mordor. The Rune Keeper is spell-caster (mage like) class, using rune stones for magic. RKs [More]
2018 Gameplay of the Guardian class in the Lord of of the Rings Online (LOTRO) in 2018 and Mordor. The Guardian is heavy melee class. They can heavy tank with shields, tank with more damage [More]
The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) Gameplay in 2018. LOTRO is a free-to-play (F2P) MMORPG set in Middle-earth. This video includes 2018 gameplay of all 10 classes in the new expansion, Mordor. The gameplay [More]
Se me ha ido de las manos el primer episodio, así que lo he dividido en 3 partes 😛 Espero que sea de ayuda ……….Una guía en la que intentare con lo que se, ayudar [More]
I was so excited to finally meet Asgard since the last time I forgot to hit record for the first 20’ish minutes… RIP Thank you very fun Siege War! #Got’Em!
Trying out a new editor-recorder. It’s derpy.
Runes of Magic es un MMORPG en 3D publicado por Aeria Games en español para Latinoamérica. Accede a nuestro análisis: Para las últimas noticias de RoM, ingresa a: ¡Únete al clan! FB: [More]
Sorry for the lack of streams lately, I’ve been busy with studies and work. 😀 I take my very first look into the Free to Play MMO called Runes of Magic. This First Impression series [More] Nasz Portal: Nasze Forum:
Gets ready to go to war in this universe of anarchy!
Little dailys grind before New years — Watch live at
You saw the dommage my Trader produced. Now it’s time to share that with every Trader in the world!!! Or at least in AO.
One of my favourite AO effects
Here it is finally, the ultimate froob leveling guide!
Channel Update SEP 2017 Anarchy Online “teh Return” This video was recorded at 1080p and has been upscaled to 1440p to take advantage of youtube’s higher Mbps [24mbs v 12mbs] at that resolution, watch at [More]
NOTE: This is the chinese version. The english version is yet to be released. Here is the link :