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W dzisiejszym odcinku nietypowo zagram w Guild Wars 2 – w skrócony sposób przedstawię wam skrót progresu mojej nowej postaci (Gameplay PL 2018). Jeśli chcesz zobaczyć więcej odcinków z Guild Wars 2 oraz w przyszłości [More]
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Anders als in anderen MMOs fehlen in Guild Wars 2 die klassischen Questgeber, die meist in Gruppen zusammen stehen und Aufgaben an die Spieler verteilen. Stattdessen ploppen die Aufgaben im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes vor [More]
Neverwinter Trickster Rogue Gameplay Some bosses that I faced from level 29 to 44 on Beta Weekend 3 Boss List: Shot The Tomb Queen Halas The Pure Trolgar The Warden The Prophet Rohini Cailyassa Forgedawn/Samulkin [More]
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We venture out into lands around Bronwe’s Folly to tackle a Wolf-Master, retrieve Kingsfoil and search for missing Farmhands. One of those ‘Hobbitses’ also requests meat for his belly. How much boar meat can such [More]
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The final Moments of Warhammer Online until switching off.
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Soloing Season 3 Chapter 2 Episode 2 Dungeon: The Devil’s Cook. Boss: Orlaith Difficulty of Boss: Hard 5/10 Tip: Crock pot slam, cooking weapon on fire ( Buffs Orlaith’s attack), and upside down spin attack. [More]
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Merrickxx Gaming plays Dungeons & Dragons Online Ep 1 making a Paladin