Age of Conan (F2P) Gameplay – First Look HD

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Manne _ says:

This game is actually really good, its very different from most MMOs, so if
you are like me, have been playing WoW and or Swtor for an example and feel
like you want something different but still want a MMO, try this, you may
or may not like it, dont underestimate it because its not exactly the most
famous MMO 🙂

PS: It is not a pay to win game.

Gakgaming says:

Stop spamming number 1 dude, this isn’t WoW =P

John Grizzlock says:

Man I miss that 60+ fps..

NeroChaoss says:

this is enormous 25 GB ? hehe Tera Rising 50 GB xD

Dariel Tellez says:

Is he even human?

sparrowsmisery says:

Does this guy always do a rail before he records these vids? lol @ 1min she
digs in her butt and takes a sniff

Sidraan taigruth says:

This the game thar was on the big bang?

Sidraan taigruth says:

This the game thar was on the big bang?

Kayserili38ification says:

to be honest title sounds gay so obviously the game is freaking boring but
this looks pretty fine..

Tvn37 says:


aslacuentayya says:

This or raiderz???

4seazonzZ says:

I have a prob i run the setup and then the launcher opens but nothing
happens :/ it just sayd downloading patch information… Dunno what to do
pls help me

patient287 says:

Boring conversations with npcs… A lot of them…. :-/

rxrfkbj. says:

Well never played this game… and i had a job for like a year now so i
have money to spend…might as well play some games that have premiums

doggydog713 says:

1:00 Dig in ya booty and smell it lookin ass

Bob Bobsen says:

you hate wow copies? you don’t agree with me apparently?

Bob Ross says:

How much is it the game?

Devolved says:

Very. No game has it’s combat system.

Riga Phobia says:

I thought about trying this. So then I went to steam to see how long it
would take, and how much space. YIKES! 1day? heck no.

Gassy Goddess says:

i think omaer is the only guy who who works their o.o

Sloakz says:

Stop taking speed dude, it melt holes in your brain

Blaxsiss says:

pvp or pve ?

T1lex says:

thumbs up if u like this game xD

George W. Bush says:

conan the barbarian… arny, same guy as terminator…. couldnt be more cool


sheldore afk

CzarnaSzablaHetmana says:

here 18Gb left:D

Perny Nonc'è says:

fucking true ahahahah

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