Age of Conan Gameplay – First Look HD

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Close for Age of Conan reviews, videos, screenshots and more. Age of Conan is a 3D fantasy MMORPG.

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Jarod Schiefer says:

Real nerds hate big bang theory.

Nelo Angello says:

WTF!!!! it really exists……….haha and yeah….Big bang theory

BumpadaTraffic says:

What a tool.

Kyle Zawistowski says:

Big band theory

mikeyj122 says:

I want to play with Queen Penolpe and Sheldoor

AFK. ;)

Joony98 says:

The big bang theory xD. MMOHUT is a girl? Or why hi created a girl then?

Manne _ says:

The big bang theory suck ass! IMO!

Adicto says:

777.077 video views, 

Mato Slim Shady says:

Here cuz Big Bang Theory! LOL :D

Samier Dutchie says:

Big Bang theory

Lilliyan n says:

6:32…. I was all like OKAYYYY….. And my grandma was like ‘wtf’ xD =)))

Avdic Vedad says:

You fucking talk too much… You are boring next time when u making video
of game pls STFU !

nurafaf23 says:

Tbh i came here bc of Big Bang theory too xD

Penguin Meister says:


Karl Sultana says:

if I’d play it it’s for that hot girl

Kirwin Webb says:

Big bang theory was playing this game its sounds good

Kahuma The DemonLord says:

im getting this game it looks amazing and the graphics are awesome but not
as awesome as skyrim but im downloading the game right now and i cant wait
to play it tomorrow

Jack W says:

Make sure all of you guys check out a great channel called
abstractgamingable and make sure you subscribe to it

spotongbob says:

Boring gameplay :P

cihangir ND says:


Tazy50 says:

LOTRO called, they want their gay combat system back.

Apollo Smile says:

lol max size is like small

zomgzPrince1996 says:

What’s your gaming settings

Van Steel says:

Crom, vere are ze two snakes facing eachodaah?!

Sed says:

Sheldon Help me!

Sven-Oskar Eliasson says:

I came here becuse of the big bang theory

Florian Veltman says:

“given the opportunity of a mature MMORPG, I will seize the moment”

— goes on to make the most immature choices when it comes to character

Alistair Nevis says:

Big Bang Theory brought me here :v

Sven-Oskar Eliasson says:

I came here becuse of the big bang theory

Truman Sharp says:


Fernando Modenesi says:


Денис Поляков says:

bla-bla-bla? bla-bla , bla bla bla bla bla bla !
bla bla bla bla =)

george papamixail says:

big bang theory :D

Edge2437 says:

just started playing this game today, downloading and installing the game
only took 5 hours.

Damjan Rade says:

Sheldoor ROCKS

Jack W says:

thumbs up if you came here because of the big bang theory

SuperGamer9000 says:

Game is now free to play. 

NeirrenNei says:


Ely R says:

lol everyone here watched the big bang… must have been lotz of money to
get featured

UdenOneEye says:

Graphics are soooo low quality and I’ve got them all maxed… Kind of
disappointing. I always loved the conan universe though.
EDIT: Ah… I lied. They’re not so bad. I guess I had to restart. Would
have been nice if the game had informed me of such. :p

RageShutDownChannel Agressor says:

Spend? This is a waste of your life

Lone Wolf says:

05:07 dat ass

Bone Crusher says:

Big Bang Theory,and it is downloading 😀

Roberts Mūrnieks says:


Animarakira0 says:

I want that game!

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