Age of Conan : House of Crom Plataeu ( Barbarian Gameplay )

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Time to Visit Plataeu in House of Crom with my Barbarian in Age of Conan.
There are good reasons to pay a visit to House of Crom to Farm Rare Tokens.
Tons of AA Exp to gain and increase your AA Level as a Premium Member.
Many more videos coming with the rest of the Bosses in House of Crom Soon!

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wlados22 says:

I play as Wladimeros lvl 26 bear shaman and have a rock-and-roll times in
Age of Conan Unchained i bought even the original package and paid subs.
Even when i didnt play for a such a long time 2-3 years I´ve started to
play thanks to your videos.
So thank you for your good play and i like to see more from Age of Conan.
Even the november newsletter is out.

thegreatsamurai82 says:

I used to play this game about 4 years ago, I wondered how lost I’d be
now?? As a subscriber would I have to purchase expansions?

xabitxuee says:

Hi guy, Good Video! I´m playing a barbarian too on Fury! Will you load more
videos of AOC?

Gouky says:

did they implemented random queue for dungeons? and cross server queuing
for PvP?

Forndrome says:

Nice vid, 2 questions though; 1. As a complete AoC newb with a 52 hox, I
notice that you use several ranks of Wreck Armor, and both Upheaval and
Cyclone of Steel (which I think are versions of the “same ability”). Do the
effects of say Wreck Armor 1, 2 and 3 stack? I’ve been using the highest
rank of my combos, but it looks like I’ve been playing less than ideally.
2. What UI are you using? :p

Tom gergus says:

wish i’d had the time to play that game…. 🙁

DustTear says:

Switching specs to remove the CD for the boss’s in HoC might be considerd a
exploit so you might wanna be a bit careful with that. 😉 Otherwise good
video. A like for you!

B4NTO says:

Hey Forndrome thanks ! 1.Yes this is one thing i think that maybe new
players ect miss maybe even old ones but not sure. Wreck Armor stacks up to
5 times no mather what rank you use and each one damages very good even tho
they are a low rank. So in this way its super fast to stack up -armor &
deal alot of damage. Upheaval is an improved CoS with some bleeding so more
damage there. High ranked combos are sometimes also slower to start with
more attack directions. 2.FDS Got Tutorial on my Channel

B4NTO says:

Yeah it’s a nice game. 🙂

B4NTO says:

There is no ques for Dungeons and no Cross Server Que for PvP. The EU/US
Servers are now merged tho which means there are only 3 servers. PvP, PvE &
Blood & Glory Server. So there are more players to Que with for PvP than
before and more people to do PvE depending on the time since the time zone
difference. I heard them talk before about Dungeon Que & PvP Cross-server
but will see how long and if it even comes.

B4NTO says:

Yes it is considered an exploit. We dont really do that and its not really
needed with the amount of bosses inside of HoC there is plenty of bosses to
farm. Thanks alot! 🙂

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