Age Of Conan Unchained Gameplay 2014 1080p

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In this video i was playing Age Of Conan Unchained. It is a FREE MMO RPG available on steam. I was playing as a class character called a; Dark Templar. They are Tanks that can take a lot of damage, and they also use magic to heal themselves or absorb enemy’s health. I was also running on Ultra graphics to show the real beauty of the game. Soon when i get higher level i will make raid videos. Dont forget to like and subscribe!

Computer specs:

-Intel i5 4670 @3.40 GHz
-8GB of Rip Jaws x Series 1600 MHz
-XFX – Ultra OC Radeon 7850 1GB
-MSI B85-G41 PC Mate Motherboard


TeaBoneXD says:

why are there icons in the center of the damn screen?

Lucas Parzanini says:

But i can play this game like a free member and still enjoy most of its
potential? Nice vid Thx

T1337P says:

Click more pls. noob

Gamingsepth says:


Sean J says:

if they would have just had combat with out that stupid up / down / left /
right arrow crap i think this game would have done alot better. IMHO for (
me ) i just didnt like the combat. The game was good not great but then
again which mmo is great… its just a matter of personal preference. But
the combat needs to be revamped.

HawaiiKnut says:

I miss Age of Conan. I want to play it again in summer when I’m not busy.
If I only I could merge my old characters with the Steam account..

Merciless Gladiator says:

what race are you playing?

john taylor says:

l used to play the hell out of this game from the very first day. Love the
music and the combat, blood and guts. Now l have a mac so l can’t play it
anymore :(

Mighty makhai says:

How many players do age of conan have now?

greezymuhfuh says:

Great vid. I used to play this game, like 4 years ago. Is it absolutely
free now or do you have to pay to unlock most of the game, like races,
classes and zones.

19esp91 says:

I miss this game so much.. I often log in to just listen to the music. I
was so sad to see my Scandinavian Vikings guild finally gone 🙁 the guys in
that guild played active for a long time. I miss them :(

decepticonstar says:

I really love the concept of this game… Music and art design are
wonderful. Too bad people prefered Wow back in 2008… But with TESO, some
ideas from AOC will shine ! RIP AOC ;

Saharky jr. says:

Can u give the dowload link?

Silas Washington says:

Keep them coming

virgo4200 says:

and this dude is a clicker

Drew Sahm says:

What is this!! No Commentary?

virgo4200 says:

lol your UI is sloppy

xXSgtWolfXx says:

do people still play this game? how populated is it nowadays?

Vict Cruz says:

the graphics on this game dont look good at all it just look ok skyrim look

Mighty makhai says:

Is age of conan dead?

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