Age of Conan Unchained Gameplay First Look part 1

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Part 2:
Class/Race Combos in f2p:

Fellek with takes a first look at the gameplay in the newly free-to-play Age of Conan Unchained.


〈3miku〈3 says:

“Congratulations you have underwear and a stick”.

aop videos says:

is this game actually cool? or just another shitty MMO clone?

Dex King says:

So……i was messing around with the video and noticed something when i
turned on the captions on the video– at about 1:25 listen to what he says
and read the caption that comes up xD

greggieboy71 says:

cool that it’s free but it is 2014 and my 8 yr old son would think this is
average. For adults to play and like it would mean they are more than
slightly myopic

Kinchit Parikh says:

I am gonna finish downloading this game in 12 hours anyone wanna make a
guild or something ? My username is DraconianDevil 

Pc. Gamer says:

Anyone know what engine was used to make the game

Flu playsMC says:

that class it a tank!

Guchu Sokukuki says:

it takes 30 gb of space uhm…… fuck no thx

omgcjb says:

All jacked up on sweet tea!! FTW

Paulo Galamba says:

Any of you play Age of Connan?

Johnny Boy says:

Untie her and be the good samaritan? xP

GaradrielS says:

4)The gameplay is very bad sometimes(even the WoW gameplay is better
including the PVP), the climbing skill is very annoing as you advance in
quests and there are somefunny glitches like swimming up on a waterfall.
And these are just a few of all reasons this game is a waste of time if you
play it for free, if you pay for an account you’ll get full acces to
everythingthe game has to offer but even then it still sucks.

Jared Mann says:

I’m not an mmo person but this looks pretty fun

Quentin Henry says:

ur voice just lifts my day

zirox624 says:

jesus christ..i didn’t knew dr phil was playing this game..or the guy just
got the same voice xD

Athleticmaleuk says:

me too

Orcjura says:

Should i get this game?

The InnerGeek Zone says:

lmao, thanks…I think 😛

The InnerGeek Zone says:

You’re right 😛

Ziggy Anon says:

shiaat what resolution did you select in video option ^^ and how big screen
do you got :)? 12″ :p?

Hokageeeeeee says:

Steam! Its a Steam age…

Steven Renz says:

25 Gigs? HOLY HOLY.

Ellesenar says:

Mate u sound like Dude from Big Lebowski 🙂

GamePlay Galor says:

am i the only one thats gets xinput is missing

Salvus967 says:

“I love me some free to play” I love how Americans talk sometimes, it is so
fuckin’ funny and awesome! (Not a hidden insult! Nothing but pure

Salvador Ojeda says:

Oh, I remember now. I did not know that was Age of Conan.

Twan Wright says:

@wilb6657 Uhm… AoC = MMORPG… Skyrim = RPG

The InnerGeek Zone says:

If you’re looking for another free-to-play game then Dungeons and Dragons
Online might interest you. I wouldn’t consider it ‘just like’ AoC, but it’s
a solid f2p MMO with a significant player base, in depth character
development, and an action-style combat system.

ace10hunter29 says:

go play wow you kid

Salvus967 says:

its cool that everyone (NPCs) comes to attack when you go to attack one of
them. i always thought it was dumb in other rpg mmo’s when your killing a
dude 10 feet away from his buddy, but his buddy never notices until u end
up in his individual combat range…..the realism of the game goes right
out the window when that happens.

Cassius Allen says:

You sound like Kermit. No insult intended.

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