Age of Conan Unchained Gameplay : Gateway of Khitai Questing (Assassin)

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Adventure in The Gateway of Khitai in Age of Conan with my Assassin
Follow me Journey in Age of Conan with my new Assassin

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Music used in Outro
Overworld by Kubbi
Go check out his music for an awesome music experience


gamer1611 says:

is this pay to win like all other F2P games

greezymuhfuh says:

Beautiful game. Can’t even open up GW2 since I re discovered AoC. Thnx
for the vid.

Sandeep Bisht says:

Which guild so you play for and which server?

lubos ivanicko says:

Where are you from banto? Can’t categorise your accent 😛
Btw love your videos, just do more conan! ;)

JTov! says:

You have a free +xp pot as a subbed player too, its hidden on the store.
havent played in a while, but check special offers?

ragnarososo says:

yes!!much better than eso!

B4NTO says:

The Adventure in Age of Conan Continue!

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