Age of Conan: Unchained Gameplay – Steam Edition

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Stylosa and Kirioth take a little look-see at Age of Conan: Unchained! Now, this has been out a while, but only recently hit Steam. We played the game on launch all those years ago, and it was pretty fun… Unfortunately it had no content past level 30 or so! Bad times. Anyways, this is Age of Conan: Unchained, enjoy the gameplay!

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Wwald says:

Honestly, i think AoC’s starting zone is the worst to show for anyone
intressted in the game because it shows so little about the actuall
gameplay at higher levels.
It’s a good way to learn new players with simple mechanics, but it’s
really lame to watch. Great game!

DungeonDevils says:

i am not very excited to play this game

Jud Winter says:

by the way the first movie was awesome, i consider it arnolds best.

Jud Winter says:

downloading the massive file now, been avoiding mmo’s cause of the whole
subscription,but decided to get into it now since i just got into steam.

Steffen Hellesylt says:

Hilarious Video m8, Love the way you make the simple things so funny <3 Did
you guys Enjoy the game ?

Zild Jian says:

that, I know nothing about this game. Maybe you upgrade into combo attacks?
But from what I just saw from fighting 3 enemies…I know I’m supremely
dating myself here but, Fable had better sword play and spell mechanics way
beyond it’s years…and obviously there are far far better games out there
even better than Fable. But all I’m saying is…that Fable produced much
better sword play mechanics 9 years ago..

Hiromachi 篠原 弘道 says:

In the middle of movie you were talking about Item Shop. So it’s not PTW.
You can buy there things like weapons, armor, etc. but not the best. The
best gear you can get from dungeons. Certainly buying things from Item Shop
makes game easier, especially for leveling. But it’s not necessary.

Ragnarxvor says:

really? Insult the original Conan movie? You are flipping insane. That is
one of the best movies ever made. I’m pad camp you if you were on my server.

Dirtspawn064 says:

idk i liked all three movies. they were well done and had good action. the
new one is understandably insult-able but when he was a boy in that one was
brutal. but to unsult the original films i dont get

Shadow G says:

Love this game

EinBaddibu says:

The download, yes. But after it is installed it takes 25gb of your hdd.
Steam always install the games after the download, when you start the game
for the first time.

Zild Jian says:

So, when you first see the game play at 7:00 mins, first your like, okay
scenery looks legit, and maybe even an open world? Cool. Right? Even when
he first swings the sword (even tho its with directional commands) your
still like okay still interested…But then not even a minuet goes by and
your boner is killed by the lame sword play mechanics…..and I go on to

martin2008k says:

thanks for the peek see, going to give it a go, 25 gbs eh? i think i’ll let
it download for the night

TajnyTaktyk says:

hey man, did u download it or not? what do u think? Im thinking now….IT
IS Free to play so there is no excuse not to try it out 😀

Zild Jian says:

okay 12:36 is probably one of the better fights in this video….but I
still feel like I’m back in time…there isn’t anything cutting edge here
to appeal to anyone looking for a “Savage” online experience…I’m sorry
this is my last comment..I will kindly f*ck off now…*tear* hahaha [=

Zild Jian says:

Granted it’s not an MMORPG with an open world but you can attack 10+
enemy’s (and more) at once with your sword or spells non-stop. Also…if no
noobs are here, all of you should know what AoE damage is.. Pretty common
game mechanic now-a-days…

emikochan13 says:

damn.. that’s what i wanted to know, was trying to dl the damn thing but if
i can’t use my old character, fuck that indeed.

la shone De la Cruz says:

this game need more pvp allot more freaking pvp make pvp better for god

Zild Jian says:

In Diablo 3 and WoW you start off with AoE skills almost right off the
bat…In just 2 levels(20 mins) and your doing amazing AoE damage… And
this…this is just sad if this is..”The most savage online game ever..”
Please…someone just try and flame me…and say I’m

t103Ninja says:

if you have a crappy connection like then the massive download can be a put

Caige says:

They must have changed the model again, i remeber when it first went F2P
tehy restricted teh classes, but you can take any class you want now. Even
says so on the site. Seems like it’s got a really fair F2P model now.

yllbardh says:

thumb down for add

Mega Killertron says:

Well that changes everything! But i don’t know if i have the motivation to
play an MMO again.

lordofgangstas says:

More like SteamY edition what with all the nudity in the game :V

Alderus says:

Good video, not so good game, at least you made it entertaining enough to
watch the whole thing 🙂

Daniel Brown says:

It’s 19.7 GB not 25 GB

Kyuso KK says:

AoC had the potential to be better than anything on the market but they
just kept promising fixes that never happened until today (sieges, balanced
pvp and not grindy etc) still has one of the funnest endgame pve tough

Zild Jian says:

FYI I’m still watching, still not impressed…the first 30 seconds starting
from 7:00 mins is the best game play footage I have seen all video /= (
however I love the world of Conan so far…great foliage and even greater
water textures…other than that, sword play wise, no bueno ]= )

ThatProtagonistGuy says:

So… not a great game then?

Matt Riley says:

subscribed 😀

Mega Bloxs says:

is this game worth getting? please reply.

yllbardh says:

adblocker does not hlp a shit if uploader chooses to have adds in his

Justinphips says:

Show PvP Gameplay?

Caige says:

i can still use my characters from vanilla :-/

Stormrr Titan says:

Can you make some more vids on this

Genius Gaming says:

You know when u can take clothes of and run around naked right?

la shone De la Cruz says:

i know what you mean one thing i love about the age of conan store is that
you can buy the shit they have but it wont some how make you a bad mother

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