Age of Conan: Unchained (PC) – Character Creation and Intro Gameplay – Part 1 [HD]

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Part 2 here:

This video demonstrates character creation and introduction gameplay from the free version of Age of Conan (Unchained).

Playing as a Cimmerian barbarian.


morgzgaming says:

this part makes me rage

tickipooh says:

Conan is up my hairy arse !

Dan Marin says:

why do you not put on that shoes?

drago blitz says:

@lastplayed lmfaooo xD

Lawlessgreenday says:

He’s in the title. 🙂

FordoArc77 says:

i bet u only helped her cuz she sounded horny

BigL BkNy says:

this game looks weeeeeek as fuck where the hell is conan

CrysisCloud says:

Decent,i guess

i Dead says:

its a good game, very underrated, only reason i stopped playing was lack of
time, wish they would open up the whole map and make it as a single player
RPG, great combat still needed few tweaks at the time i was playing it but
still great

madnessofnick says:

0:36 thats hot :3

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