Age of Wulin – gameplay 1

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Age of Wulin (AoW) is a Free to Play , martial arts Role-Playing MMO Game set in a realistic representation of medieval China.


machado souza says:

oh good, another boring ass targeting game.

Kevin george says:

whats the difference in age of wushu and of age of wulin? looks the same to

gamer1611 says:

well looking at the comment below I can say that I will not be playing this
game seeing how I will need to have food for the character Ill make

Eforix says:

@Grosu Ramon Andrei The difference between “Age of Wulin” and “Age of
Wushu” is that there isn’t that much of a difference people say the admins
in Wushu are rude and don’t give a shit. Wulin seems to be a better choice
but Wushu is more of a NA version of Wulin…

FrAnTvlad frant says:

and why the fuck in chengdu so empty ? O_O 

FrAnTvlad frant says:

lowbies shouldnt make those kind of videos cuz they dont realy know the game

Kazuma Azuma says:

is this age of wushu but wulin instead of wushu?

DiaperViper says:

best game ever, but how the fuck did you record the game ? if i try to
record, all the other online characters get invsibile 

Miso Soup says:

it shouldnt have been an f2p mmo

EasyPro HUN says:

horses fking bad moving lol

0ptimus1984 says:

when u have all fly skills ur bad ass, in PVP u jump high in the air & both
of u will hit each other or u can grab him while both of u are in the air &
do that move what some1 in naruto did (how to explain it) u will force both
of u down fast & he will be under u, its all-most like falling on to some1
from high place, & u can run on water & so on & on, so its nothing like

0ptimus1984 says:

how can any1 compare this with wow is beyond me

Camron Castro says:

ads can be good at times and bad but it came up to look like a cool one
(this game) so im seeing how it is

Zed Shadow master says:

The game is like Dekaron,WoW but 100% dekaron!

TheGoodMusic Tv says:

or u just fight people and bandits ?

kozas0 says:

wow, the “realistic representation of medieval China” shows that warriors
were wielding a bastard sword like it was a dagger, upside-down on the back
of their hand…

SydeVEriod says:

None in past year tbh.

Grosu Ramon Andrei says:

what’s the difference between “age of wulin” and “age of wushu” ???

SydeVEriod says:

This game looks fucking boring.

kozas0 says:

not to mention that there aren’t any totally straight swords, like the one
shown in the video, in Eastern history

DeadEyeDicky0783 says:

Nice gameplay! Do you have a spare key by any chance?

Camron Castro says:

World of War Craft but Asian

usucksohardthatilaughedok hej says:

have they added with levels on this1? or

MMORAW com says:

It depend how many rpg game you palyed recently.

MMORAW com says:

Sory…i wish i have

DeadEyeDicky0783 says:

That’s ok. Hope you’re enjoying the game 🙂

SPocok says:

this game is a mindpoison..

ShadowOfChaoS666 says:

It may be just me but it reminds me of 9dragons a lot, ofc much better
looking. I presume i won’t find epic monsters or dragons in this one eh?

Sabockis says:

i played age of wushu… got bored quickly, id say this is the same game,
so will be boring as well. it`s pay to win also

TheGoodMusic Tv says:

are they any monsters in the game like bosses?

0ptimus1984 says:

ton’t like the game much myself, but if u say that u know nothing, play to
lvl 20 before u comment :), or at leas to lvl 15, its ferry PVP oriented
game, quests were u half to fight others players to complete the quest,
dose wow have quests were u fail if player kills u? no it dose not have
that kind of a quests, example caravan escort, player comes kills u &
brakes the caravan & loots it & u lose & its just 1 quests, so think before
u open ur mouth 🙂

EnZo DKW says:

9dragons rulzz….

MMORAW com says:

Besides that Age of Wushu is new and more good looking and it have better
gameplay, nothing else //:)

Bogdanuser says:

you dont mess with them flower thieves

EmilButter says:


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