Age of Wulin Royal Guard PvP lvl 31

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Royal Guard lvl 31
PvP Kämpfe vs.Spieler lvl30 bis lvl36

Schnell zusammen geschnitten !
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AliasLesta says:

the inner lvl of the players was the same or higher :)

anton detablan says:

what skill is he using the 1st battle?

fckcom says:

royal guards basically rape all classes. they are the bad asses of the

xthehyperdragonx says:

What set is the blade? Second or third

Victor Zhen says:

royal guard do not rape all classes.. lol.. they have their weaknesses.
Yes, indeed, scent of bloodshed do do massive damage if you have lots of
brawn and the high lvl skill. But scent of bloodshed can be interrupted,
thus it is only good when the pull is used before scent of bloodshed. Also,
parrying can mess up the pulls ALOT… the only reason y the person in this
video can have so much successful pulls is becuase he is fighting against
inexperienced players who probably don’t know aobut he weakness.. When you
use the pull, or the stun or the parry break.. you will use the claw.. if
you focus, you will notice that there is approximate 1-2 sec that rg’s are
open to all attacks.. when a rg use of those claw moves, just pull into to
them and attack cuz they can move or use another skill while they are
rewinding their claws in. Regarding the eagle claw set, simialrly it is
only effective against inexperienced players who do not know it’s weakness.
the move where he jumps up and attacks to amke opponenet fall on ground…
that can be countered with any auto moves. the only thing you need to
beaware is to not let them break parry…. even if they do break and you
fall down and they use that ground attack goose out immediately cuz they
can do another combo (this guys in the video is also inexperienced) to
knock you down after you recover. AFter they knock you down with break
parry and use that ground move, if they time it correctly, they can use
that jump and hit attack to knock you down once more and use that ground
attack once more, making it a devastating attack if they are high lvled,
but it rarely succeeds, because you simply have to parry while the
opponent is useing the ground move the first time or goose out immmediately
right after they finish ground move… i’m a RG and still am.. i don’t use
eagle claw at all except for pve for recovering health. It’s not a good set
for pvp, plus claw set is external, eagle fist is internal, (bad mix) thus
stick with claw set.

grayson wolf says:

Question wat video card are you using

fckcom says:

music sounds like a fat guy walking

grayson wolf says:

Does the card play the game on max settings

Anthoni Lafay says:

What the music pls? :(

tayfungazi says:

haha that music in the backround Love that anime ! 

G-tog fuzz says:


serenadesilhout says:

This was a good video but i was just wondering why you don’t use the sabre
skill set? One combo shaves off a quarter hp.

FrAnTvlad frant says:

u suck man, u won cuz ure enemy is weak and ure fighting style is old dude
u realy suck 🙁

Hut Godhand says:

4:32 what this music ?

FrAnTvlad frant says:

also nice musi so good work

Hut Godhand says:

thank you

Bloody Lord Slothovich says:

Nicht schlecht… aber das Wasserzeichen nervt ziemlich

AliasLesta says:

Sword Art Online : Aerial Fight


Makes me wanna learn Eagle Claw skills 🙂

AliasLesta says:

ja man sieht die Spielernamen/Hp nicht ,dass hatte ich im nachhinein auch
gesehen 🙁 für den ersten Versuch muss es reichen 😀

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