Corsual Let’s Play: Age of Wulin [Part 1]

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In today’s Corsual Let’s Play, we head into a familiar experience by joining the Age of Wulin Closed Beta after having spent hundreds of hours playing Age of Wushu, to take a look at some of the changes and show viewers the beginning of the game.


elviade says:

3:00 Chinese Flute Music – Awesome, Face – Priceless 5:40 Golden Age: WTF
is this $&#@! 23:10 If you haven’t done this before, don’t do what I’m
doing. Read this. It’s very important. XD 41:00 The Sandbox Concept. TY!!
52:38 Why Wulin and gpotato [now Webzen]? “Snail USA mangled the $*%@ out
of it [Age of Wushu].” Exactly. 58:00 “would love a game with sorcerors and
necromancers” XD 1:14:00 Tangmen Temple. Nice ambient sounds.

1:19:45 Thirty minutes of quests and then nothing. True! Have to be
proactive about exploration etc. Only way to get more quests is to make
NPCs like you by doing different actions in proximity to them. Huge RP
element to this game. Everything you do has an impact on whether NPCs like
you or not and your moral alignment. These two factors determine what
quests open up to your character. Even riding your horse through the
streets can make citizens not like you, so it’s best to dismount outside

1:46:00 AoW was a hacker field day. Account information completely
compromised. Whole guilds butchered over the course of 6-9 months. Player
economy crashed over the illegal taels issue and company freezing accounts
and demanding (“shaking down”) players pay for what they hadn’t stolen. The
mess killed 2 servers. Hackers on Golden Kirin flaunting Ancient Sets on
new characters. Company completely dismissed the existence of a problem.
Evidence suggested a possible inside job. No joke. Even if I wanted to play
Wushu for less latency, not a secure option with SnailUSA.

1:47:48 Don’t mess up TP. XD “I’ll kill you!” lol.

Old but fun video.

Naruto Uzamaki says:

to share this and tell all my firends about you YOU WILL HIT
100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000K A YOUTUBER CAN DREAM MAYBE

brevoxyl1 says:

is this free to play or not?

the centerville says:

Love this gameplay

Haochen Zhu says:

Is the 4th inner set out yet in the european server? I heard beggars are
gonna be the strongest in 4th inner.

Мастер Николай says:

Не умеёшь играть сучка

Мастер Николай says:



good game. too bad the classes are way out of balance.

brevoxyl1 says:

so basically u do nothing but talking to npcs

Maksel Beker says:

0:12:40 Japanese – Konichiua
Russian – priviet
Polish – dzien dobry (said more like chien dobry)

brevoxyl1 says:

tang or royal?

Miso Soup says:

too late

Borger Cz says:

seš blbec !

Frank Woods says:

Hey, give me your channel please 🙂 i want to chew in and check
some games you play

Bejjinx L says:

Fck i skipped all texts xD

MisiuFull says:

U are from Poland ?

solarTribute says:

Logged in today for the first time 😀 .. it’s really big game and hard to
understand everything but I’m really waiting for time when I can play
without any tip boxes and stuff 😀 .. very nice graphics and colors 😀 and
also very awesome sandbox 😛 .. only things I would add for role playing
are some more hairstyles and weidth/weight adjuster 😀 , would really want
to make a chubby shaolin master, it’s just a bit weird if everywhere around
you are 100 copies of you 😛

Bi Wendy says:

proč by měl být?

Osamh Yousef says:

HaHa. 9Dragons Look a Like .

kyle Farren says:

hey corusal i just downloaded age of wulin and i joined the tang clan
sector but i don’t how to use him properally as far as i can tell from
looking at them there like a assassin dps type i was wondering you got any
tips for a newbie here 😛

majruto says:

Well I guess there really isn’t a difference is there xD. But I must say
hearing that losing account password I think I would rather play Wulin now
instead of wushu. I look forward to seeing you in game bro 😛 if you keep

PendisxP says:

Why so many dislikes ?

Mc Moldoveanu says:

the handicapped 😐

argolon7997 says:

yo excessive whats the difference between this and wushu(actually anyone
off corsual can answer this)

majruto says:

Where do you stream live? I would love to watch.

blinkAndApexgames says:

My favourite comment here was “I’m not racist! but i want you a little less
Asian.” xD Thats going on my list of Funniest comments.

OnlyTheBestHD says:

Lol ,this game looks nothing like 9Dragons. youre a noob. do you know the
options this game has? its the biggest MMO sandbox of 2013.

Leonard Orr says:

agreed completely .. I mean that guy cant speak normally he just yells non
stop… dont know if he thinks thats “cool” or what but I gave up because
of it.. says:

There are subtle differences, but yeah, you’ve got it; the biggest one is
the publisher, and Gpotato are already showing themselves far more capable
than Snail Games across the board. Now to see if they’re able to release a
translated version of the game with an updated UI before the open beta.

Ali Jarvis says:

I really like how much you love the music 😀 It’s awesome to see someone
fully nerding out over such good music 😀 Makes me feel less embaressed to
do so myself haha Sucks that age of wushu is dying though :/ I must say
though, I watched you do a wushu vid and it really helped me start it and
your attitude and manor has earned you a new subscriber 😀 It will be a
pleasure watching more of you. *Bows*

Ivaylo Borisov says:

Hey man, been playing this game since beta. Never played Age of Wushu, but
I fell in love with this one. Just wanted to know are you playing anymore
or not? 🙂 Great vid!

tomás silva says:

u’r funneh :DD

blinkAndApexgames says:

Great video. Bad looking Game. Send me Messege on other recommendations?

Lordred says:

1 like hear anyway

ThinonRS says:

Happen to have a separate channel? because when i checked Corsual on twitch
I got a German streamer I think o_O

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