MMORPG Age of Wulin HQ GamePlay

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gPotato Europe is happy to announce a new client-based MMORPG Age of Wulin. This client-based MMORPG takes place in ancient China. Thanks to an ultra-dynamic combat system based on a variety of martial arts, players will be able to experience the real power of a kung-fu master with exciting adventures in a beautiful 3D world with vibrant, high quality graphics and gameplay mechanics.


DragonHead says:

This game disappointed me, so i’m not playing it :)

Jethro Avila says:

Just play Yulgang 2 this game is reallygood

Biser Bekirov says:

How i can play like that? Just like a… i mean… with nothing there, just
a player… i don’t know how to speak that… :D

Drew Anderson says:

Reminds me of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

eualadindeal says:

worst quality video ever!

Black Tiger says:

Game is “Pay2Win” by the way.

bartekba33 says:

How many people are playing on this game?

Tim Dev says:

Early 2011? -> 2012 -> 2013 May. gPotato can suck a dick.

TheFluxAndy says:

Age of Wushu is the name of the american release being published by snail
games, the europe release by gpotato is called Age of Wulin

Jeff Cockmann says:

lets hope it doesnt suck like 99% of the mmorpgs out there..

991cheater says:

Has something of Tiger and Dragon 🙂

Qin Xie says:

@YouFirstEye i belive age of wulin will be better, and the game “swordsman”
was stolen by Changyou or Sohu. the original name of Swordsman is Blade and
Sword, and it’s orign developers are developing the new verision of it
which is “Blade and Sword 2”

imev6lli says:

9dragon incarnated ?

BreakdancerSkyde says:

nope im not o.o

Stealth Dragon says:

no 1 did they r just trying to be cool! vote up so ppl can see this coment!

DragonHead says:

@iansheng it has a living world, u sleep, u go work, and ur char works even
when ur offline.

DragonHead says:

well, for beta keys, u had to buy them.. and it sucked, but hope it will be
f2p like they say.

Cláudio Fernandes says:


Belph3gor says:

@DOMINIK775 I would love to see what you would buy if you were rich.
Probably lots of useless things too 😛

IIIROGUElll says:

lol This Was Funny

94rafaelos says:

failers they trie to copy blade and soul

MoonTiger says:

The devs must have watched Yīng Xióng quite a lot. Loving it =) Still no
release date though, eh?

GORO911 says:

it has no lvls u dont have to grind to lvl up, u only lvl up ur skills

dsgrsggjgfj says:

age is wushu copy cat

Militantyouthssound says:

am i the only one who think that the graphics are horrible?? even disgusting

Dany LUX says:

@LilPro2007 Hm, this sounds nice. Thanks for the information. ^^

ViewtifulJoe says:

@iansheng There are no levels or classes, this game is completely skill
based, your character goes around diffrent schools learning new things
around china.

DOMINIK775 says:

16 000 dollars just for virtual sword 😀 omg some people are really stupid

Stealth Dragon says:

AND the sword only costs 5$ so do’t get me wrong but there’s no object in
this game that costs more than 20$.

DragonHead says:

yeap, it changed the name few times.

LuDaKa951 says:

cya G1 hi Age of Wulin

DragonHead says:

@DirtyTaxman this video had the best quality 1 year ago, dont post stupid

GORO911 says:

Where did u get that news ? oO

Atlantix says:

This is age of wulin video not age of wushu

DragonHead says:

@rmdp3 watch your tone.

gabiito gabb says:

estos chinos putos que vuelan por los aires

Ye Heain Zaw says:

r u nuts? its the same game. do u think some random company just copy
exactly the same? its china/us (wushu) and eu (wulin) different version.

Felixer12 says:

This what I want exactly!!!! No game has provided this kind martial arts
RPG ever! I want it now! It’s Skill based and not just a point/ click auto

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