Aion vs Tera – Gameplay Comparison

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1) In Tera, you get to play like a normal third person shooter, you do not press 1212121 like in Aion or any other MMORPG
2) Tera has the BEST Tanking class among the other games… All the classes and the team gameplay is so perfectly tweaked that being in a team gives you so much fun & epic difference than the other classes
3) Tera has the best graphics & has much more bigger open world areas than Aion or any game like Guild Wars 2: The cities are connected in Tera, you do not have to be teleported. There is a ”whole one map” issue.
4) In Tera you do not need to fly, you have a free horse…but in Aion you can only fly in so little restricted areas that flying is not worth it & yo always have to wals, that’s really slow man, You cannot get a horse to mount free like in TERA… Being able to fly within the 50 meters of your teleported city SUCKS !

1) In Aion, you become an angel,& you cannot fly in even your ANGEL CITY which is above the skies ! What sort of an AASIMAR race you are if you cannot fly ! You can only fly in the range of 50 meters of your teleported city, other than that you have to walk& you do not even have a horse or something else to ride like in TERA ! It’s really dissapointing for an ANGEL !
2) No trading or exchanging or selling items to your friends or to others if you do not pay REAL MONEY, but in TERA you can do all these !
3) In Aion, you have no road connections between the provinces ( which are like small villages), so there’s no a whole map. You always have to get teleported.
BUT in TERA, the whole map is connected with roads like in WOW, you do not have to be teleported from one city to another like in AION.

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TheUtubefreak35 says:

After all these comments, I see that 95 % of the players already chose
TERA….TERA winssssssss

TheUtubefreak35 says:

In Tera, you can run from the bottom to the top of the map without
stopping, but in Aion you cannot…

V@L-D I NightCore and Manga says:

Tera a des bien meilleurs graphisme que Aion sa n’a rien a voir :x

ShadowPegasusX says:

Aion is like Alfheim Online and Tera is like SAO lel. But in Aion there
is a targeting system but in Tera there isnt and you have to dodge and
stuff. In Tera i could go against someone who is 4 or 5 lvls higher than me
and still win thanks to skills with the keyboard and mouse. But in Aion
and most other mmorpg it depends on your lvl and your stats. Even though in
Tera you do a lot of the same stuff over again the graphics are superior to
Aion graphics. But comparing Tera to a 2008 game doesnt prove how crappy it
is. it shows how much games are starting to improve. And Tera doesn’t have
to make a lot of updates to keep the game fun. In Aion i got bored after i
got wings because there was nothing much else to do. In Tera when you hit
the lvl cap you can do pvp modes and even when u are not lvl cap on the pvp
mode in battle instancing everyone becomes the lvl cap. So lets say i was
lvl 2 and i went on the PVP mode. i would be the max lvl so everything will
be much more fair.

Cell2749 says:

Aion sucks. I can’t understand how people can play this game. Uninstalling
it right now.

Roselel says:

Someone would be insane to say tera is better than aion. (no offense to
those of you who like tera.)

Jenny Heartz says:

Aion! You only showed like 3/4 of what it is. You can capture fortresses
and artefacts have your legion name on the map! Capture them to get more
influence for your race. Go through instances with group. Go to solo
instances and win gear and your class weapons. One time one the abyss there
were Lots of level 65 elyos trying to attack the asmo and gain the
fortresses. And the amOunt of kisks :O. Aion can be really boring at times
but if you want your boredom away you can chat with your legion mates or
friends. And oh my the character creation is soo cool! Get tons of armour
that look really class. Go to kaisinel academy >elyos> for training and
crucible challenge! Earn lots and lots of kinah! Best server is anuhart <3 

XNeverrestX says:

Okey here is my opinion. I have played both Aion and Tera. On PVE Tera is
better, it is never ending quests. But in PVP systems Aion is better then
Tera it is more adventure you can find places to hide and put kisk to
respawn from when you die. When on Tera you will start from the nearest
town so you need to go back all the way. Then for those who don’t know the
abyss on Aion you can fly all the time and PVP and the range is kinda
doubled when you shoot compare to Tera. When we talk about the dungeons
both are good boss and monsters. To realy enjoy Aion be lvl 55 and try the
dungeons is something all need to try on both games to get the set gears.
On Graphic is Tera better but it’s hard to get the game work since 1 update
before reaper class came. Battlegrounds is the speciality on Tera where it
is kinda capture area PVP groups on raids. But when big bosses spawns in
Aion the PVP is so much better when 2 factions fighting each other and try
to kill the boss and then take the loot. The specialty with Aion is
grinding with the wings on some locations on the maps to avoid the PVP:ers
and to hide your kisk if you gonna PVP for an long time. Then the Aion has
battlegrounds too and it is awesome. 

yves govaerts says:

World Of Warcarft Never dies

hakuzu88 says:

Lol when you play aion , u think i press 1212121212 , it’s a joke ? The
macro fonction is pretty useful when you are low level dude , anyway , this
jugement is false , you need to play the game or you are juste blind ?
anyway téra is good , but my point is i’m a player of aion and i never see
player press 121212121 , and it’s because we have 30 or 40 skills so …

Ferdinalt says:


Closery Production says:

— TERA Rising Online —-
Graphic Quality: 5/5
Game Functions: 5/3,5
PVE: 5/4,5
PVP: 5/3,5
Playability: 5/4

—- AION Online —-
Graphic Quality: 5/3,5
Game Functions: 5/4,5
PVE: 5/4
PVP: 5/4,7
Playability: 5/4


commander steel says:

tera way better

DreamerHorse says:

Aion, because I love flight. :D

zura chankvetadze says:

hahaaha… Listen me loosers Aion is the Best MMORPG game ever and shut up
! ! !

Yishimayaru Aion says:

they are both good games but u can make a Comparasion because a game is not
all about Graphics and PVE u need to show the Engine tho , and it’s about
People’s Wish to play each game because you can’t compare two games that
are 100% different ;)

Milencho Stoev says:

Blade and Soul is going to be better than both of them.

Yi Chun says:

Btw, how’s the community on Tera. You have made your point with the
technical details, but what about the fellow players? I left Aion since I
was ousted from my own Legion and plenty of ppl mistreated me

Aela Wolf says:

i love Flying so Aion :)

Sandis Skreblis says:

tera is best+555

Leonie Miller says:

Tera is a lot better then Aion…. everything is better in Tera… the
combat, the graphics, the joy … the character movment and the animation..


crazt shiaat says:

Aion all the way this video is the worst u are just flying around looks
like a 9year old is playing… Aion is my Winner by faar i still play Daily
on eu Anuhart server 😉 feel free to join and have alot of fun !!

alemanicorda says:

AION.(i prefer aion)

cPasqui Zi says:

Los fans de Tera son como fans de apple solo por que es de apple piensan
que es lo ultimo sin siquiera mirar un poco del juego

Douglas Pereira says:

Vou ser sincero, os dois são ótimos. Estão de parabéns os jogos mmorpgs
estão ficando fora do comum uma coisa incrível.

John Wu says:

Too many fanboys think that their game is the best. But my moneys going on

Darren Ward says:

aion would be ok if its combat wasn’t so bad

tera rising all the way 

Ebefren Revo says:

Guil Wars 2.

panicabbie18 says:

I play Tera, and am currently testing the Arche Age beta( which I sort of
like more than Tera for different reasons), but I know one thing for
sure…I like the music played during the Aion gameplay better than the
Tera gameplay in this video ^-^

john kotrokos says:

it would be awsome to fly wouldent it

Lost Art says:

Comparing games is always useless, people plays what they like to play and
that’s the way it should be. Anyway, just as a minor correction, in Aion
you can walk from one map to the other, if you know where the passes are,
you can get a mount without paying real money and at least in NA servers
you can trade for free. As for the wings, flying in certain areas is like a
little treat, but using them to kite is what makes them useful, like an
extra skill. That said, they’re both beautiful games, but too different to
compare. Why not play both?

Valeri dimitrov says:

i love TERA!^^

hakuzu88 says:

And look your dislike i’m pretty sure player of tera dislike your comment

Aion the Beast says:

why you show the aion at first level’s 😀 ?

Etto Cognome says:

“other than that you have to walk& you do not even have a horse or
something else to ride like in TERA ! It’s really dissapointing for an
ANGEL !” You can buy mounts on AION. By the way that’s not disappointing
for an “angel” (It’s a Daeva, you should read the story before you talk).

Rinkuri Ichi says:

I think Tera very good pve mod but pvp like PK or choise pvp server But
Aion pvp mod too.Every where action zerg.

rIdHo OL says:

LOL…bcoz u r noob , looks like a kid playing AION xD

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