Albion Online – Classless Character Customization

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Check out Albion Online explains just how character customization works!

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mathiasdude says:

ok, so its basically a dumbed down elder scrolls online

Snarfindorf says:

Looks very average. 

OwtDaftUK says:

I already thought mmo games were crap, so this looks mega crap.

Harbinger_CR says:

looks good for Alpha

Mosa Mania says:

Oh look they already made a game about Northernlion’s adventures in his
Paradox mini-campaign series. Good job you scum.

RobbingHoodUK says:

i could watch this girl allday, the ending lol

Robert Smothers III says:

if all of the combinations have the same pros and cons, why wear different

brasilman11 says:

Love the graphics. Game looks great

General Slumps says:


konohasappy says:

Looks mediocre. 

TheSchapsProductions says:


Derrick Griffin says:

The classless customization has already been done by Runescape, and ancient
game that only true fans play nowadays (if I were to guess), but it is good
that more games are using this classless customization, i.e. Destiny.

Trent wilis says:

She cute, game looks good.

Raged BasedGod says:

Beautiful game and girl.

YellerMeller says:

Looks bleh at first until I actually got to play it. All the sandbox
features make this the best MMO I’ve played in a long time. I always liked
Runescape’s classless characters but it’s too grindy where this game really
has no grind.

AnoXaero says:

That smile at the end was awesome !

MrDiscomafia says:

That closing smile..
you can find girls like these on Arstotzka!!!


StormProductionzZ says:

looks alright

MrUrdnot says:

ill be on albion. jk

Donthatemy username says:

is this gonna be Free-2-Play (Pay-2-Win), Free-2-Play (Pay-2-Look Awesome)
or Pay-2-Play

but on another note, the game looks great

haterrep513 says:

Cute girl

Junior Mustache says:


designRpt says:

this game looks good

Nistor Catalin says:


RGA BodyBag says:

looks like Runescape kinda.

Chugi says:

She’s cute. 😀 Game looks interesting.

Kaleeman1 says:

Her smile at the end, AAAAAAAAAAH!, i would like to now someone like her :D

WitnessTrueSorcery says:

Albion Online ? Is that related to the Fable universe or ? If not…i smell
a copyright sue !

IosDawn says:

Is this on the browser? I mean.. it reminds me of runescape. Graphically.
Obviously, better graphics, and shadowing ain’t bad. But still…

NerdRiots says:

I thought this had to do with Fable :(

EveryonesGrudge says:

She’s sooo beautifulll. x.x


copy of FFXIV class system

Nistor Catalin says:


Kevin Tunney says:

Kind of reminds me of old school runescape. Quite like it, gonna play it. 

harry781012 says:

love the aesthetic!

Oscar Griffiths says:


kamal issa says:

looks like every other MMO game 

IronAngelRX14 says:

First thing I thought when I saw the word “Albion” was the game Fable :P

ninetailfox1983 says:

outside of the ui the game look perfectly fine.

Micky Kurniawan says:

Long live independent developers!!! Say no to crap corporate games.

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