Albion Online | Exclusive Gameplay Trailer

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An exclusive look at Albion Online, a cross-platform sandbox MMO with dynamic PvP and guild versus guild warfare. Buy a founder’s pack and jump in to the alpha now!

Albion Online offers players an extensive character customization system with no class restrictions, a completely player-driven economy and dynamic PvP battles. The action of Albion’s open game world revolves around sieging, claiming and defending territories.

Albion Online will be released as a free-to-play title on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android in Q1 2015.


Finigini says:

0:31 wait… steel ore? What? Steel is an iron alloy!

Billy Nellis says:

Don’t sell gold and stuff don’t make it pay to win :'(

Njoy32Gaming says:

Where are the founder packs!! 😀 

Oliver && says:

It will be P2W no matter what they said…..And i dont really care what
others will comment,its great game and everything,but on the other hand
they will destroy it with P2W……I never made mistake,and now is same….

Half Baked says:

I think it’s totally ridiculous that after signing up for alpha months and
months ago, you’re now telling me I have to pay to play it. Not only that
but there are different ‘tiers’, which I assume means the game will be pay
to win. Lost all interest in this game now I see your consumer model. Very

Travis Stone says:

So basically…this is just Runescape lol

Tropheus says:

Problem is I bought the founder but they didn’t say until after I bought
that it doesn’t start until early September.

Only reason I’m upset is because ArcheAge is also releasing that month and
I probably won’t have time for both, would of been nice to play now.

Rayven Hitt says:

The game looks appealing visually, and although the features are not
ground-breaking, they all seem like a nice mix.

However, what is the gameplay like? It it just point-and-click and hotkey

AQWild says:

Release date?

Berus7777 says:

Does not look great. Not very excited for this. 

madblade says:

It looks like a joke, is it meant for mobile devices?

Smurf Penor says:

Looks like runescape mixed with age of empires. 

TheNumberTrenton says:

So… Runescape?

Edd says:

I was excited for this game until i saw how pay to win it is. Not gonna be
playing it anymore. Its a shame really.

NomMyMuffin says:

just baught the 50$ one. cant wait 6 days to play

ROKillerXP says:

Don’t make this P2W please :(

Zack Zofrea says:

Does this game have any affiliation to Fable? Or is it just called Albion

Malorey says:

Looks great….looking forward to open beta.

AwkwardSentry says:

Why Albion? This has as little to do with the Fable series as Fable 3 had.

Finigini says:

I wish the progression in the game was less quantitative and more
qualitative. higher tier weapons do more damage? I assume so. How
significant is the higher damage? It would be cool if every piece of gear
had its own draws and drawbacks. An example being that bows, axes, swords,
spears, etc. would have their own strengths an weaknesses.

h0merss says:

Looks like another Pay2win game that people who like to waste money will

Smoogle says:

so is it like old school ultima online with full loot?

NumptyButtkick says:

Hurry up and open up the next alpha! 

Ribbo says:

In before WoW sues for using the town of “Lakeshire” at 0:14 ;-)

Worrun says:

The player built cities looks pretty good

RyBread564 says:

i got an email along time ago saying i was gonna be in the alpha. wheres my
code?! ALBIONNNNN!!!

meesees says:

Runescape with few good features but 10x more expensive? I’ll stick with
Steel Ore? i would laugh so hard if it didn’t have Iron ore and Coal to
mine to make Steel items. Such runescape rip off.

Martin Šmol says:

Bude to free to play

ghunter alarcon says:

another reason to buy new gaming pc or laptop

Darkmuan2014 says:

lol they are just showing us the best part 

buttnakedthug idk says:


Anders Spælling says:

I strongly recommend anyone against buying the founders pack. Game looks
great in this, but it is such a disappointment. Don’t waste your money!

Goofy says:


кузин николай says:

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