Albion Online Guild PvP

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10vs10’ish Get some! LoD vs Vendetta, 3/26/14 test server.


Rin Yoshiba says:

This Game + MOBA Mechanics (Reason Why they Become Popular) + Add FPS and
TPS. Try to imagine guys! That must be Epic! 

Vyacheslav V. says:

You guys maked DOTA 2 from such a good game with your shitty tactics…
Shame on you all!..

OverviewEffect says:

this is like league. attack / run laaame

OverviewEffect says:


yojelsonrc says:

that looks fun , did u earn resources or something?

ohwowshinn says:

reminds me so much of ragnarok online’s War of Emperium

Richard Ganster says:

You guys the original LoD from Baja UO?

tjolkkvbb hv says:

that was epic !

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