Albion Online Progression and Dungeon! Gameplay

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Some more game play footage of Albion Online in Alpha! please enjoy the progression! 😀


spider0804 says:

Game looks cool but you do not need 400 clicks to move 20 feet.
By far the worst part o the video imo.

xXDoomStarXx says:

I have yet to see a negative comment towards this video lol the viewers
like ya bro and yea this game looks sick, like a mix of UO and runescape,
much more added in, better looking, and not for 12 yr olds, thumbs up and

Phoenicius Infinius Infensas says:

Reminds me so much of UO. I’ve been really wanting a modern UO inspired
game. I hope it goes into an open beta here within the coming months tho.
After what has happened with ArcheAge, I refuse to pay into a closed alpha
or beta, since it’s the devs that be paying the TESTERS to test THEIR GAME.
Bloody flawed system it is. Thanks for the video and commentary. I really
appreciate the quality insight here.

Sushi Games says:

Nice gameplay !

Kevin Blankenship says:

can you not move the camera? 

BanCHy says:

Dam if you die you lose items :/ thats hard 🙂 looks cool :D

xJaysGamesx says:

keep it up this is cool

SuperJumpReviews says:

I hate those thieves.

Tenzor Warrior PvP says:

Reminds me of RPG game called Sacred but this is much evolved I guess plus
is online , very nice gameplay commentary mate !

ToxicElementMJ says:

Never really played this game looks fun though, might start to play it 🙂 

zXHardGamerXz says:

Great video man :)

MrKennysgaming says:

a think i would cry if i lost all of my stuff

blackarcher48 says:

The game looks good

JustTech says:

well done

BSG Entertainment says:

Nice video Hazzed!

Luxeley says:

All you got to do is find another 200 wolves to kill and maybe some boars
and spiders and it’ll be just like WOW. Smooth commentary

JiraiyaGaming says:

Awesome! I really liked the sound effect of the surround and
those wolfs:-)

Eric Hale says:

Nice vid can’t wait for game thx

Patrikturi Wins says:

Nice, but 0 views and 8 likes 😀 fuck it I really hate this system of

MarzieMarr says:

Awh the game looks sick, but if you die

Thamriyell WoW says:

How big is this game, map-wise? O.o

GeneralDoubleD | #1 Source For Arma 3 Updates/DLC says:

Great video man game looks better by the video!

TMG says:

That’s purely great (: 

Evolution says:

Nice overview man! Great video :)

RageKicks says:

Sweet looking game :D! Might have to check it out!

Rezay says:

Great intro! And nice commentary! :)

Darkwow says:

Looks a nice game but i do not like the loss loot thing :)

EpicMonkey says:

This game is awesome! :D

Lethath says:

WoW PvPers need not apply. This game does not hold your hand.
PvP here has more consequences, not just a “Oh well, I died, run back.”

Can’t wait to see the whiners in chat complaining about how they got killed
and why their gear is gone…Glorious! :-)

Cece Ga says:

lev on this game or only EQ is important?

Thelo says:

So you started Albion , the game looks amazing , i like the commentating on
it !

BaDunkkaDunkk says:

ya those casters are no joke :P

JackJamesWalker | Gaming & Poltergeist Videos! says:

awesome stuff <3
Sorry i havent been active, i will be from now on <3

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