Albion Online: What is this place? (Force Plays #1)

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This video series is part of a paid promotion.

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Shimzy says:

U know what I wanna see? I’ve seen to many top down sandbox style
progression games. I wanna see an MMO RPG first person sandbox progression
game where you actually build things instead of them just appearing as time
passes, or you have to purchase the pre-built structures that have already
been set up by the towns folk (aka pre-built houses in towns). I wanna be
able to walk down the street and go to the local farmer’s market or smith
and actually purchase from a player instead of an NPC. I want player to
player quests as a predominant feature instead of NPC to player quests.
Obviously this wont happen, but the idea is better than rehashing similar
top down sandbox progression games and trying to pass them off as

HighLanderPony says:

Permanently losing items you paid for or spent time earning upon dying is
one of the most retarded design decisions I’ve ever seen.

thegreatestpepe says:

Wow, so this is like Runescape, but better in every way? The player models
look exactly the same as the old Runescape 2’s. Hello nostalgia.

dsagentutube says:

I actually applaud Force for telling us upfront about it being a paid

Nanael OverLock says:

This “all items are lost after death” is just terrible…

Kimbo Slice says:

paid promotion

Shakor77 says:

Great concept but the gfx are way outdated.

QuackQuackBang says:

Meh looks kinda fun. No harm in trying!

JayRey Games says:

Looks pretty nice, just not sure if it’s really worth the price

SciPhi161 says:

Force Sellout Gaming

Morpheous XO says:

As soon as I saw the thing about losing all your stuff when you die I was
completely turned off. I don’t care if it’s “realistic”, it’s not a style
in a game I like, so I see no reason for me to bother with this game.

Daniel Armando says:

Albion? Fable? 


isnt albion from the fable universe

whitefox25 says:

lmao why would i pay to play this copy paste mmo when archeage just came
out to everyone for free. Go play it thank me later

Thomas Harper says:

Items drop on death? Sounds too much like Ultima Online. Guess I’ll give
this one a pass.

Travis Roberts says:

Is this game going to be free to play, buy, or buy and subscription?

Brekner Catalin says:

Wonder if he got paid for the ESO and Wildstar videos too, seeing how he
was so hyped when filming and had so many good things to say about the
games then he just…stopped playing them. I dunno about you but when i
play a game and praise it so much i don’t stop playing after 2 weeks … 

Rada says:

This game looks dope. Looks similar to RS, which is what I’m looking for.
Ever since RS died, I’ve been searching hard and long to find a game to
replace RS and this may be it.

Nimoot says:

You need 8 pieces from the rabbit… how do you forget it that quickly….

DayOfCasual says:

You even consindered that those “paid promotions” are gonna lose you some
subscribers? I am not leaving you but I hope you get to showcase something
that doesn’t make me yawn so hard… just that.

Azphix Xaxa says:

Thrash game, nothing to see here.

skullforged says:

Selling out again dude? Don’t you make enough from making honest videos
like you used to? Why do you still try to mask it, at least start off by
saying it..

963MrHamster says:

i like this game , and i like loosing items upon death … pvp is funnier
that way … how much will this game cost ?

Austin JTK says:

Whats the point in telling us its a paid promo? Now we won’t know (for
sure) whether you actually like the fucking game or if your just sucking
the devs dick.

Jon Pearson says:

does this game have anything to do with Fable?

MrRlsquared says:

as a veteran Albion player…. this video was very amusing. FYI Vikings is
the Elo’s guild…YouTubers are faaarrr behind lol.

shakaama says:

I want to hear you say, “I love to like a lot of little lolipops”

buliwyfZrage says:

Only thing stopping me from getting alpha access is the fact that it
wouldnt be worth paying just to play/test for a few weeks and then waiting
for a few months again for another alpha test cycle.

However since thats the fact about most Games I guess I just have to wait
or just go and buy alpha access because Im too greedy. :3

Krzysztof Kotarba says:

“kek” is forsaken’s lol.
I hope they change ui into more PC friendly… srlsy we don’t need icons
for half of the screen. It’s clearly not finished and this changing items
by hand is atrocious.
I would love to see sandbox mmo diablo game but this type of art style is
kinda meh. I think I’ll stick to Landmark.
btw dat 30 fps in game like that is kinda sad.

MrFlowMaTix says:

This guy has obviously never played Runescape. 

DarkEgg11 says:

i can see double currency. is this pay to win??

Specs8i says:

You could have had Sir Forcelot

Dilandau88 says:

Reminds me of Ragnarok with crafting. 

m'lady *tip* says:

forcekek. i like you. alot.

Dyno Maple Gamer says:

You know what I hate already… this is designed for mobile…

Tletna says:

My first impression in the first few seconds of watching this is that some
textures look good while others (like the water) look just horrible, super
horrible. So, I bumped the video up to hd and guess what? Same thing,
except the water looked even yet worse now. I would imagine it is just
very difficult to process realistic-looking water?

yolz says:

Next level runescape

Srew the Shadow says:

I laugh at the people thinking the “losing all items on death” is a bad
design choice. It’s A design choice, one you obviously disagree with.
Fine. But here’s the thing; for many, it’s fun. Fun as fuck. It adds a
visceral edge to the game, it means you can’t just go in willy-nilly
without punishment. Death matters. It sets you back, and quite a lot.

Also, this doesn’t necessarily make the game “hardcore”, unless it also
makes Minecraft “hardcore” ;P

Quiestre says:

I think this game is really cool for people who like Don’t Starve and
similar games. I personally am a big fan of Don’t Starve and I think I will
be playing this game when it comes out.

drnekodr says:

So it’s just like UO, you drop everything on you when you die. 

Michael Xu says:

runescape old school?


This game has no lvls? thats lame

Flawlezz91 says:

Man.. in my opinion this game looks promising! And I don’t even like
sandbox games that much …
Force I hope you’ll keep this series

Xsselb says:

I like it!!

Matt Rees says:

is this from the same makers as either salem or haven and hearth?

sirachman says:

Im glad that games like this get made for people who enjoy drop on death
like me. For those of you that hate it, simply stay away. There are PLENTY
of other games for you to enjoy. But for those of us who enjoy full loot
pvp games, this is wonderful.

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