Sandbox in my Shoes – Albion Online Bomblive

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Today on Bomblive, Spunkify returns to the Alpha worlds of Albion Online, where he’s heard rumors of new mechanics making their way into the Ultima Online inspired MMO. Being a curious Human, Spunkify feels compelled to investigate the many addition to Albion in the form of mounts, guild-owned towns and other sandbox elements which sees Albion’s world take on an unpredictable life of its own.

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Totally Relevant Comment says:

you gotta pay in order to play it, fuck

Kris Popoff says:

Spunk is pro-slavery, confirmed on stream

שלומי אלון says:

Help guys!
Is the game “new orcs must die- unchained” free to play or do I have to
become a founder to play it?

rizjeh1991 says:

Art style reminds me of Age Of Empires Online. 

SniperWalrus says:

Guys is game good?

Juke MC says:

Hmm this is still on alpha but is this going to be free?

StudentYaoi says:

Where is my MMOBomb Weekly Free-to-Play Cast Episode this week?

HenryRide says:

God I miss the omer mmohut days, look at these low viewer counts. Spunkify
just doesn’t have that charismatic oomphf to keep me watching these long
ass videos.

leaf16nut says:

I HATE cluttered screens with a passion!

UO is still the best MMO of all time… Nuff said

Waffle Power says:


Oblomos says:

It’s look like “The Grind: The Videogame”.

scolopendr4 says:

i need a key :/

Vladimir S says:

Very satisfying game for those like me interested in crafting. Alas, quite
costly to obtain the right to play right now.

Matthias Lau says:

So this is a better looking runescape

Gaston E. says:

Good but much bla bla bla 

cwells532 says:

That game is irrelevent to all the other fable games i am depressed plz
lionhead make a good fable

Gonzalo Sanchez says:

Hi :D

n00bonastick says:

Looking forward to this. Along the note on his comment about tab targeting
being old. Sometimes Action genre aren’t meant to be in all MMO’s. Tera did
fine with it’s action style while others do fine as they are being tab
target. not every MMORPG should be an action based MMO or purely just
content immersive. ArchAge is more a pvp game imo than it is a pve game.
the content and story is driven by the players. it should be fine the way
it is as long as they expand on the map making more things accessible to
take over/explore as well as more craftables > gear drops. 

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