Kujix – Alganon Gameplay Video

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Alganon gameplay video 2 showing the Kujix areas on the continent of Harraja. Also shows the new sky & environment system.


Sammy Lopez says:

wow player for 4 years, nexus player for 10 years i get bored in wow but
not in others like LOTRO/AION/AOC. Games get boring when they get
repetitive looks/feel ect. Like Runes of magic got bored when i had to do
the same every day same as wow.

DemonTaoist says:

WoW ripped off gameplay aspects of other games at the time, yes, but it’s
common knowledge that Alganon has been designed to be a WoW clone from the
ground up.

ravenzephyr says:

have you even looked at the character models in this game??? wtf lol

chjustin69 says:

so this is what happens when u mix wow and VG haha

weerayut15 says:

lol Allods online is way better then this and Crappy WoW

Kase002 says:

I heard Alganon’s a pretty cool guy and doesn’t afraid of anything

Paperclown says:

dude… do you realize there is currently NO wow alternative right now?
Many people are begging for a new world to explore. Wow is a social game.
If you try to play these other mmo’s out there with a long play history of
wow you will get bored REAAALY fast. Wow is a social game. These other
games like Conan and LoTRO are very centered around SINGLE PLAYER RPG
content. Tons of reading. Ultra realistic games also have a HUGE load time
between frequent sections, and that shit gets old

dallak954 says:

well it is safe to say that they also used naga from WoW

Tritouch says:

Looks WoW when it was in beta

ackbob says:

the only GAMEPLAY part is at the end, and it looks like a GIP of WoW

ThatOneHawaiian says:

oh good lord, WoW was not the first ever MMO that looked like this made!!
stop comparing WoW to everything!

Nizm0350z says:

looks like shit

K Pringle says:

the so called “naga” is ajsut a fantasy based creature. WoW didnt make the
creature they jsut used it as did this game and many others.

alexdjuric says:

its blocky because its a beta and its on youtube, look at some wow videos,
they are all blocky as hell, but the game isnt DOUCHE 😛

Unee720 says:

Wow….WoW came out 5 years ago and still looks better then this, yeesh

zebi269 says:

This game looks like shit, but the scenary ( bridges and citys ) look
fucking amazing. i would give anything for that stuff in WoW

noname says:

Ya, but blizztard made the model that Alganon is “also” using.

6SixtyNinee9 says:

Such a copy of World of Warcraft.

CodeMasterful says:

i think it looks fun i should know iv played over 200 mmorpgs

alexdjuric says:

THANK YOU….lets look at EQ for example for fucks sake, wow stole
everything from it and made it better….so Alganon stole everything from
WoW and made it better, and why are they assholes for doing it?…stfu and
buy alganon…u know u will eventually everyone is just scared that this
game will beat wow and they will have to give up their characters lol

rickenione says:

darkfall is better

zerosiii says:

ahha skeletal warriors and naga sea witches:P

destructivelock says:

You made me lol ^^

whacker40 says:

Wow looks like WoW so much

Andrew Schwalm says:

Not quite, this game looks like a piece of shit, it’s the exact same, just
more blocky.

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