Anarchy Online A-Pods Daily and Martial Artist Gameplay

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Raids will be coming soon, but I wanted to show you my Martial Artist a bit now that I did some work to him. No more Christmas outfit. But he’s pretty baller. A-PODs sucks.


brad barton says:

and i need that xan ear :p cud tank it for you 🙂 enforcer= thesuperior 😉

brad barton says:

that alien has been bugged there for ages xP

Austin Moody says:

Haha A-Pods quest is the worst for sure. Not as difficult for my fixer, but
definitely takes a while…

Austin Moody says:

Hit me up btw for doing Arid Rift for thigh or the Area A-X for Ear and
maybe you can record them for a video.

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