Anarchy Online ARK Expo 2013

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Omg it’s parttyyyty time!!!m1ij2o;12u3801 n3 But they don’t got me up all night. In celebration of AO’s 12th anniversary this year, ARK had a banger on their island. It was…interesting.


Josh Baity says:

Gridbot ftw

Josh Baity says:

Cool vid.

Next time you want to hear the music that everyone at those parties is
listening to… tune into Gridstream.

Pretty unreal that someone that’s played as long as I have hasn’t heard of
gridstream lol!

Scheli Martin says:

This was so awesome, thank you for sharing your adventure… *Meschel*

Shane Bovell says:

Can’t believe this game is still running. I also cant believe the new
engine was never implemented.

brad barton says:

Where the hell was this i didnt see anything on neutnet or whatever 😀 ?

Aleksander Ramstad says:

I’ve wondered for a while.. is the AO swifty the same as the WoW Swifty?

Ty Smith says:

the only dude that does anarchy online videos THANKS 🙂

Aleksander Ramstad says:

That’s what I thought:p

Jérôme D. says:

I dont think so. I’ve never seen swifty playing AO. I think he’s just a

Slojanko Mastery says:

is this game dead?

AngleArtist says:

Looks like that ARK area could have used some additional furniture.

Austin Moody says:

No, definitely not lol

Eric Hamm says:

I’ve had this game since beta I have my sub but I haven’t logged in since
2007. I always was afraid that the month I cancelled my account would be
the month they cancelled the game. I’m really looking forward to the
graphics upgrade. I’m going to download and play it some tonight.

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