Anarchy Online Gameplay trailer

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MysteryBounty says:

@lordolemons That was 8 months ago….but ok. And no I actually played for
2 years, had 2 lvl 80s and various other characters on alliance, but after
Burning Crusade and WotLK the community went to shit and I spent most of my
time soloing instead of raiding or instancing because most people were
idiots and didnt know how to form groups, there has been alot of changes so
I have heard this last year but back then what I said was true and if you
dont agree you are probably 12.


how do you create an account

nonne21 says:

this looks like pokemon, SUCKY!!

Chimerical Shard says:

*claps* your opinion vaildates with me.

EboTheShadow says:

i like songs about mustard….

ronny andersen says:

Anarchy has nothing to do with liberty other than lack of liberty. If a
system is in anarchy then no one is free to walk around in the streets at
night without having to fear someone expressing their so called right to
molest the certain someone. Freedom is the choice to be free doing what you
want within a certain set of rules. Anarchy is simply put the lack of
freedom, lack of system, it is linked with communism and is thus only an
ideal an utopia yet a nightmarish one.

radioheadx3 says:

wtf is WoW?

SK82freedom says:

@MysteryBounty dude obviously yer retarded because bragging about smoking
pot online will undoubtedly get u caught w/ it nd last i checked its
illegal furthermore, World of Warcraft is not all little fucks and virgins.
most realms I’m on the people r pretty mature. and who really cares what u
think about the game? i don’t like CoD but u don’t see me telling other
people it sucks. so how bout u lay off people a lil.

MysteryBounty says:

@lordolemons Haha, I am 20 first of all, I work a full time job that I
love, smoke pot and play video games the rest of the time and just got a
new girlfriend, I would say I’m good

Matt Dawson says:

looks horrible

nicky vanhouwelingen says:

i play wow for like 2 years now but it gets boring whan you have no friends
to play whit so don’t buy freaking wow and buy someting els

TheMMOGameReviews says:

I love this game…hey check out my channel. stay updated with me. i’ll be
making reviews soon =D

lordolemons says:

@MysteryBounty ol, i love how your calling me a kid but ur like what 30??
so therfore you are agruing with a “kid” over the internet and i think ur
just jealous because to tell u the truth my life is better then yours, no
matter how rich u are or what job ur in i bet you wish u were in highschool
again, doing whatever the fuck u want whenever u want with no real problems

MysteryBounty says:

@No0bT0ob I am actually 20 thank you sir, and WoW had 11 million, it no
longer does thanks to the Chinese servers shutting down, it lost a few
million players, and more players are leaving than are joining hate to tell
you. And seeing as your username is taken from what I guess is Call of Duty
I’d take a chance and say you are the 8 year old you are accusing me of
being. You might be twelve, come talk shit when your balls drop.

orestis antonas says:

since when an online game that makes you antisocial has something to do
with anarchy???anarchy is about libery ffs…screw this shit

MrPunkar says:

it was best on 2001 but not on 2008-2010 nad the game is total crap

WaynE412 says:

Best MMORPG 2001. nom nom nom

blizzard424 says:

I seriously hope you are kidding dude…. its only the most played mmo in
the world…

toddrocks says:

You know what would rock? If all the fans of AO started advertising AO on
forums and through youtube.

Hidd3n567 says:

@MysteryBounty A few million people got their lifes back

Arild Fredheim says:

it’s been two months or more since u downloaded the game… What do u think?

xXxWolfRainxXx says:

Is it for free?

pnut3844 says:

i thought this game was free to play? i go to sign up and apparently you
only get so long for free then you have to pay to play. fuck that

CatAtomic99 says:

Ah… the days when MMORPG developers didn’t assume their players were all
Ritalin-addicted retards. If they made a sequel to this game (and didn’t
dumb it down) I’d buy it in a second.

iwanttoliveinnorway says:

this is seriously just a stupid stereotype

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