Anarchy Online Introduces GRACE!

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This new service allows you to buy your game time using credits!!!


Drue Dunivan says:

would u farm 1.5bil from s10? also i have a 49 enfo if you wanna duel, msg
me ingame at Ironnman or Crimsonblow ;)

Jim Pomatto says:

I came back to the game a couple weeks ago because you got me interested in
checking it out again. I am just doing the froob thing again until they
have a subscription deal again. Just a quick question, I thought 1 Billion
credits was the limit a toon could hold. Have they raised the limit
higher? Just wondering if you did sell a grace how you could collect.

Michael Berry says:

is That you playing guitar a The end?

TheBlackB0X says:

Can you revive a frozen account with grace?

Zhongjie Dong says:

About time. This might even start fixing the economy

ThanatosGaming AQW says:

I wanted to know is It possible to unfreeze a already frozen account I
wanted to get a key for my old account

QueadluunRea says:

This is exactly like the PLEX system CCP instituted in Eve Online. Pretty
much killed any and all third party ISK sellers. Good move upon Funcoms
part IMO.

yootoober says:

Someone hook me up with some game time. I can pay you in creds later ;-;

Jure Grbec says:

I approve of this aswell good move FC! :D

Jordan Fuqua says:

Interesting :o

kas esk says:

hey i used to love anarchy online but i don’t want to come back to it
because i feel like its dead any input, should i play wild star insted cuz
i know you like that. thanks i hope you respond 

ThanatosGaming AQW says:

Hey Tony Im gonna be on my Toon and hoping you would like to play with me
on my 33 engi Legionengi

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