Anarchy Online – PiP Gameplay Test

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A test of Picture-in-Picture gameplay using Hotkeynet. Pretty neat, although I dunno if I’d ever use it much. I’m so used to alt-tabbing, you can see in the video I did it a few times by mistake, instead of pressing the hotkey to swap between them.

Could be useful for keeping an eye on your alt while he’s following, or guarding a towersite or dyna boss while you play another character. (Instead of putting AO window on a whole other monitor, or alt-tabbing all the time to check.)

I dunno, maybe there are other fun uses.

Music – Donkey Kong Country – Aquatic Ambience Acapella by Smooth McGroove



Were do I get this?? :)

clotheschair says:

Do you have a link to your wallpaper? 🙂

Rosss says:

I’ll message it to you

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