Anarchy Reigns Walkthrough Part 1 Let’s Play Gameplay

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Anarchy Reigns Walkthrough Part 1 Let’s Play Gameplay for Xbox360/PS3. Like and subscribe for more gameplay and walkthroughs.

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Publisher: Sega
Developer: Sega

Join the mayhem in an online multiplayer brawler, from the highly acclaimed developer Platinum Games, where anarchy is king! Set in the post-apocalyptic future, this game is an over-the-top close combat brawler, in a massively open and fantastical world. Pick from an imaginative mix of human and hybrid characters and set out on a challenge like no other.

Anarchy Reigns Lets Play
Anarchy Reigns Walkthrough
Anarchy Reigns Gameplay
Anarchy Reigns playthrough


Judah Moffatt says:

fuck you

Phantom Wind says:

how about let’s shut up and play (insert game name here) next time, huh?

Drew Lucas says:

Subscribe to me on YouTube I need it:/

DizzyMustang says:

am i the only one who can see Dom, Marcus and Baird’s faces all into one
within Jacks face? yeah, i use to play a lot of gears of war 3 ^^’

the hair, goggles and eyes – Baird

the eye structure, the mouth and beard – Dom

the face in general when he does the angered cringe look with that deep
tone of voice – Marcus

anthony bell says:

Yea boy you are the faggiest person ive heard on here, oh yea! Fuckin
retard, keep kickin ass and postin bout it fag.

sebb999995 says:

AWWWWW YEAAAA!!!! Jakc in the house!! i love Madworld.

Tiana Barrone says:

good gameplay Dekap. keep putting them out. 

virginio rodrigues santos araujo says:

this is patetic full but who I ‘m for talk anything not is same !

Courage Ina Can says:

Hey it’s berry kripky! HEY BEWWY! I didn’t know he did game reviews…this
game sucks by the way. 

Giddy says:

You know the trailer doesn’t really help to paint a picture of what is in
store for us in the game, from the trailer all I thought was that it was
kinda ripping off soul cailbur and that it didn’t look good. Though
watching this shows how wrong I was. It looks a good game, and nice

Nader Elkhuzundar says:

this is the most annoying gameplay review i’ve ever watched. hands down

binturongjustice says:

You do NOT fuck with Jack Cayman. The man’s a three time Deathwatch

twenty1aboutdis says:

Its somewhat like a sequel. Think Mad World with multiplayer, only thing is
it’s not as good as Mad World imo.

xEvilGodDarkEibaVIIV says:

alot of people are saying that this game sucks man

Collin Holbrook says:

take out everybody XD

TheMhiayon says:

I was screaming black side lol

RicochetForce says:

Awesome, I’m looking forward to this one.

xXReconBunneXx says:

My name is Leo

The40Oliver says:

yeeeea boy 12:28

Thunder98980 says:

^__^ b NICE, keep it up!

twenty1aboutdis says:


cryptods137 says:

No it’s acually an alternate world from madworld, seeing how some of the
characters that died are in this game.(Sorry for bad English.)

CloudStrifeZX says:

for a moment i thought those thug were gonna say something like … “YOU

radkids3 says:

thats because they play the single player mode IN A GAME BUILT FOR

YogaFire says:

@maxabeles I know right there’s no loud screaming or screeching no guitar
this music is lame who cares about the rest of its soundtrack because we
only heard two songs and thats enough to call the entire soundtrack ass

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