Introducing…My New Engineer! – Anarchy Online

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And a special thanks to Kingding/Kratatak, who I forgot to mention, sorry man, you’re my boy! And sorry for uploads taking foreverrrr, my PC has been giving me issues with uploads lately.


Chris l says:

May I ask what you’ve equipped in your social tab? Really like the mix.

Josh Dees says:

Hey I’ve been trying to contact you ingame but haven’t been able to wat
toons can i contact u on?

Aleksander Ramstad says:

Ah love hearing a shoutout to EQ.. been the best org and best friends for 5

The UK says:

That agent is hard to kill at the best of times, he’s good

mccaffeina says:

nice engi love to se more your engii

Josh Dees says:

Nice vids btw

SharpTony says:

Mmmmm I probably play my MA the most.

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