Red Faction Guerrilla Team Anarchy Online Multiplayer Gameplay

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Here is a video of me STR8 RIPPIN on Red Faction: Guerrilla Multiplayer for PS3.


mrmee1229 says:

Do people still play this ? 


let me no when you guys are READY..I KICKSS ASSS

Supa Blank says:

Who will sign the petion for a Re-Make? i NEED to play this again. Nothing
else like it.

hulkandsuperman says:

ADD ME: Romans116_GANG i’ll be online near mid January. (Tech.

minecrafmanuel says:

Add me my names is MANUELCARPIO82

Nikolai Ignatov says:

add me lets make a comunity for this game’s MP PS3 id:Baikoleda

xxbot says:

There is a trophy named juggernaut, destroy a siege target, but there is
impossible to find enough people to do a matcmaking match. Is there a way I
can get this trophy without doing it the matchmaking way,

sonicthescout says:

me im finnally gonna play this online line game 1 match found me sweet
entering lobby 1 PERSON me 🙁

ThEAmOrTiZoR02 says:

LooL at 6:26 :)) funny !

aperson30 says:

@sage4000 probably 10 seconds or so, in single player i think you can
upgrade it to go faster, or recharge faster, idk which

Winterbass says:

Yea yea, all of ya’ll keep telling me that so many times, but to be honest,
even when I ask people to try and write at least a little bit decently for
once to show me, they can’t. How hard is it to just use proper grammar? It
won’t take any more space than it would when you wouldn’t use normal
spelling ‘n grammar. A little bit of slang is okay, but to disregard that
you are still an intelligent being is fucking stupid. So no, it’s not ok,
it’s fucking retarded. But I guess kids don’t see it.

Eminemkid1997games says:

Reminds me of halo

momma1taught1me1good says:

Too bad NOBODY plays the multiplayer on Xbox anymore….. 🙁

TheRedfire555 says:

@Naxonax93 Thanks, i’ll pay attention to that from now on.

João Margato says:

I bought this game via xbox live but its only in spanish (I dont speak
spanish) can any1 help?!!

Drew Comer says:

Anybody play rfg on ps3 online add me BLACK-MAGIC185

jormaparas says:

add me PrimNinjaTIME on xbox 360 i play bf bc , red fation guerilla, halo

OliverMD15 says:

@Mad4nigga what? l2english plx i dont understand anything of it

smashchap100 says:

ur so good at this game

VideoRCool says:

@DoomMaster307 the game is one of the all time bestest ever.

ToastinDaToasta says:

PS3 Mars_Man_2029 i just got this game

martialartmaskman says:

@DumbRetard1 your black magic i tried to add you

Spider's Gaming Arcadia says:

@Baykid51095 Yeah there’s quite a few people still playing, you just have
to make sure you’re online when the Americans are awake.

AhnoldRunningMan - The Announcer! says:

@Demon97Boy i did the same thing and about 2 months later i bought it again

MrBOOMheadshot32 says:

hey i might get this game for christmas so shoot me an friend invite on
xbox if you have it my gt is XxbasedropxX

Terrell Smith says:

@jamesfelix303 yea… dis game was the shit lol

RudeTortuga says:

On PS3, northern Europe, big community for mulyiplayer. This is an epic game

Terrell Smith says:

i remember wen everyone used 2 play dis game alot…. but now not
anymore….. dis game was the shit online…. i dont see y people stop
playin it…. i used 2 have it but i traded it in 4 sum stupid reason…. i
want it back now tho lol…

lolpl0000 says:

@david90759 yea but u only unlock some shit like hammers and characters but
this game OWNS! 😛

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