The New Player Experience in Anarchy Online!

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It is here and it is amazing!!!! But what about the other changes?


John Hollingsworth says:

Wait, so are they gonna give you a backpack every time you make a new
character? If that’s the case, that would prove to be very useful! 

Jim Pomatto says:

I like how it is turning out. After seeing this I am going to get on the
test server to check it out. It is going to be a big step forward for the
game because now the developers can use the new engine’s tool set which is
a lot more advanced and supports a lot of things the original engine
didn’t. Hopefully this gets more subs and they throw a few more developers
on. Thank you for sharing this!

MonteChoroGuetto says:

where is that ?=S

Carlos Vicente says:

Any word about the new engine?
or is it “coming soon”??

James Kestel says:

Patch would look even better if they actually had it on the new engine and
were bringing that out also..

Flyleafromance says:

Great! Now all they need to do is update the GUI, make a better npc
interactive experience, improve animations of characters… Make the
combat more interesting (because right now it might as well be a button
mash game). PvP is often who can burst the other player before they can
heal to full almost instantly.

I just have too many complaints. They promised the engine too long ago,
and in that entire time they did almost nothing really positive with the
game. I’ll probably return for nostalgia, but that’s about it. 

Neven Pintarić says:

You don’t need a paid account to get on testlive, froobs are welcome too.

Mangekyou says:

Speaking of changes fixers online inc they badly nerfed many profs and
raised advy and fixers more this is just bulls**t

BlockAndLode says:

Thanks for posting this up Tony… looks like they are finally learning to
use the space better. As it is now, AO has a LOT of wasted and empty space
and it felt more like a wasteland. This feels more like a more colonized
and industrialized terraformed planet now. Makes me want to start newbies
just to get the new backpack and experience the new area. Looking forward
to this certainly… nice vid man.

mastersletten says:

Oh man, this looks awesome!
Kinda miss the old n00b island tho :-S

Jérôme D. says:

So the new engine isn’t live yet ??

sneekyshot1 says:

Nice look into beta.. i don’t get on it myself so thanks

Eden Lalouz says:

I’m really hoping this will bring people back to the game!! Time to spread
the news

heyhbk says:

That is awesome! Very exciting.

Kenny M says:

It looks like Borderlands … 

Manuel Antonio Guzmán Espinal says:

Low level toons run much faster now, this is a welcome change.

The new building textures look much better. They fit the more settled
civilization theme that we have now.

ThanatosGaming AQW says:

Can Froobs Do this too?

jeremiah barber says:

well what I say there goes FC Doing in my opine the best thing I’ve saw
them do to A.O for noobs…but when is this coming out? + hope its
(FROOB)..but if u can send tell to me on you tube or my alt spartant2023..
but anyway looking forward to it..

John D says:

It looks like they increased the starting run speed!

yootoober says:

Wow I like those boxes

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