Archlord 2 Gameplay First Look – HD

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Archlord 2 is a heavily pvp based MMORPG with a lot of class customization, open world, quests, dungeons, and large amounts of pvp.

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Brad V says:

I was half way through downloading, then I saw this vid, instant pause and
cancel lol fuck this game. They put more effort into the artwork than the
fuckin graphics.

SinNombre Nowhere says:

a bad copy of archeage

plagues90 says:

looks better archlord 1 than two.

Azrin Azrin says:

this is Action MMO??

Kay Jay says:

gold sellers everywhere lol

Dragan King says:

Try guildwars 2 😉 

RF .Battlefront says:

This game looks really shit lol, your video saved me a download! thanks!:)

UltimateSmackTalker says:

Why don’t developers make a new generation of RF Online or PristonTale..
Really don’t like WoW copies.

Shinobu says:

Is this game Pay to Win?

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