Archlord 2 – Male Human lvl 1~7 Gameplay – Open Beta (Korea)

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First of all, this gameplay is not representative of the real combat pace, since i got like 1~2sec delay between i press the skill button and the action takes effect. This happened to me playing other korean titles like Blade&Soul or TERA and maybe is cause the high ping playing from outside Korea. The servers were also really unstable from the opening and there was also a lot of emergency maintenance during this days, so nothing helps really.

About the game, the first impression made me think in Raiderz, not cause the combat system, but the graphics. But after playing a bit, i think this is graphically more polished than RaiderZ but in a similar level. The combat system is the typical point&click. There is a nice multi-class system like in raiderz, but in here, the skills are restricted by the weapon, so you can only use your weapon skills, if you want to heal yourself for example, you have to switch to your staff first.

The pve is typical but ok, the map is useful and the quest tracking has an autopath feature to the npc/mobs. There is a dungeon party finder similar to TERA. There are also pvp battlefield maps starting at very low lvl. This game is very focused in pvp later on.

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Video recorded & edited by rendermax.

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Voez says:

same shity mmo im sick of this

Garlant Francky says:

Looks so much better than teso. But what the fuck with the music?

Jorian De Korte says:

combat is so slow, sucky game

SmokeMyBlunt says:

The music at 1:19 is straight up from Tera,if you ever played Tera you
should know it.

Edvardas N says:

The whole UI and overall style look really similar to TERA.

Vendel Serke says:

Guys, i tried this now in the open beta and i have to say.. this game is a
big disappointment for me… graphics are outdated, gameplay is repetitive
and generic, basically its all the same quests in every camp, just the
mob’s names differ, combat is boring point and click, every armor looks the
same or almost the same…. if you want a good game, avoid this at all

nikos ntre says:

too slow gameplay and not even close with LINEAGE 2

Sasha Honey says:

The EU Archlord 2 Closed Beta is scheduled to begin on June 17th, 2014 :D

Nobby Nick says:

Is there still prayer stones and reinforce pots that drop from mobs?

Nico Foets says:

can’t find it ANYWHERE on the web to download, is archlord II still not
released outside asia?

Tsuki no Otaku says:

déjà vu….

kon kef says:

omg this koreans games is all the same crap..

philxx100 says:

hey rendermax nice vids man. been watching most of your work since im
subbed to Freemmostation. And i must say im jealous of your position lol.
wish i could play korean games but all of their games require an SSN a
telephone verification. keep up the good work.

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