Archlord 2 PVP Gameplay HD

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Mohamed Basso says:

shit or i may i cannot play it because of the system requirements :(

Mohamed Basso says:

Thanks for that Video dude and good job 🙂 i’m gonna try this game out just
because of your video 🙂 Subscribed 😀 :O , liked :D

windham151 says:

Have been looking into the world of MMORPG and there are a few that
interest me this is one of them! Being new to these games I don’t know
much but I love what I see so far in your freaking great video! I for sure
would love to see more! If you have time it would be pretty awesome if you
could check out my channel! I don’t have Archlord or any other MMORPG game
yet, but there are some other pretty awesome games there!

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