Archlord 2 – Stormbreak Castle (Hell Mode) – lvl 41 Female Orc Bow Gameplay – Open Beta

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This is the last dungeon and the higest difficulty mode currently. The full run is about 30min, you get lot of money just from mobs and nice drops. I sped up a bit the last boss to show all the numbers instead of cutting.

Game website:

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Video recorded & edited by rendermax.

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Raffic Rodrigues says:

lvl 41 is lvl max??

Graybbland Nightyha says:

Do you think this game has a future?

Virtual .GameR says:

low dmg…

Themistocles santos says:

hey man, to archer put only agi is good? i can’t see critic on my char

KayAndroid says:

Thanks for the video :).
The items look really unique in Archlord 2 :o. It’s nice! 

Szabolcs Simon says:

Nice video.
Pls can you help me archer stat point. Where put on?

xXGOOYXx says:

And wow, Crunn’s late game armour shows 90% of the skin.

xXGOOYXx says:

As a healer, getting the epic chest is a struggle. 

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