Archlord 2 – Wolf King Shakar Boss (Nightmare) – lvl 31 Sorceress Gameplay – CBT

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This is the last boss for this Frost Wolf dungeon. This is the Wolf King Shakar, you will not see this one in Normal difficulty. Nightmare mode is pretty hard for going alone, and even with 2 if you don’t have good gear and a healer.

This video is accelerated at some point since it’s very repetitive, the real battle duration was around 6min.

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Video recorded & edited by rendermax.

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Rodrigo Medeiros says:

Boooooooring. ¬¬

Alguro HellBlacksmith says:

awesome donwloading

Upscale SteamX says:

wassup render? I was wondering do most of the games you play on this
channel locked from U.s or can I play most of them like ex. blade and

Ionut Mihailescu says:

hi can i see ur build plz ?

johnduca says:

the combat is brainless..i guess i will co back to gw2

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