Asherons Call 2 – Uncut Gameplay #1

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Ripper X runs around in Asheron’s Call 2 as an Empyrean Mage, leveling up slowly but surely. This is uncut gameplay footage, no voice or commentary for this video. —


Hugtand Media says:

Gonna grab some tea and watch this. By the way – Read my mail RipperX!

Hugtand Media says:

Youtube PM* not mail

Kevin32001 says:

Awesome ;D

Ripper X says:

Coming soon, when I get back home to my studio. 🙂

Crazy Spanish Guy says:

But…But… VANUUUU? D:

PortalFreak1996 says:

i want to play this game but i dont wanna pay monthly D:

DrCokePepsi says:


TheDunhagen says:

you play everything, dont you ;))))

Frank Rizzo says:

Life’s a bitch

HappyWulf says:

Hey Ripper, be sure to let me know when you want to smash faces in Dark
Fall. I’ll meet you there. Oh! And play AI War with me. If you will, I’ll
get you it for xmas if you don’t already have it.

Wolvenkrad says:

More cannon fodder for the glorious Terran Republic.

Ripper X says:

I’ll be with Toby, but Toby is leading it. Mainly because he has millions
of subscribers…

Crazy Spanish Guy says:

Nice footage 😀 I ask again Rippa… Why arent you leading the glorious
VANUUUUU legions?

thesmallman8 says:

More Mount and Blade please 🙂

Fred Herbetsh says:

Why such random poo poo games?

Frank Rizzo says:

Dude you play too slow, like you’re retarded

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