Asherons Call 2 – Uncut Gameplay #2

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Ripper X runs around in Asheron’s Call 2 as an Empyrean Mage, leveling up slowly but surely. This is uncut gameplay footage, no voice or commentary for this video. —


Kenneth Fuentes says:

Dude why wont u try the game Aika from its free to download and
a huge game and it has everything like snipers or gunsman, swordsman,
warlock, and warrior. Its online RPG multiplayer trust you’ll love it. Its
not new…. well it kind of is because it gets updates every two or three
weeks and gets new things like armor,weapons and missions 🙂

Lou Kauf says:

I love you man, you jus so awesome

Shayde189 says:

Hows the pvp in this game?

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