Asherons Call 2 – Uncut Gameplay #3

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Ripper X runs around in Asheron’s Call 2 as an Empyrean Mage, leveling up slowly but surely. This is uncut gameplay footage, no voice or commentary for this video. —


Landon Stanley says:

The running animation makes me want to throw up..

Soliturna says:

Awesome game and glad is back!

SweBlodN says:

His Channel. His choice.

DrCokePepsi says:

It’s very group-oriented gameplay, but the quests are very unique, you’re
often given coordinates to hunt down, then you usually have to go into a
dungeon and either figure out a way to get something or experience a small
story as you look for or kill what youve been tasked to do. It’s a game for
the open-minded, not someone to accustomed to the trash that is out there

axcx1 says:

Can I play this if I get AC1 trial?

jilligian1243 says:

Loved this game!!!! Bring backs major memories that music

Zach Bob says:

Ripper, Man, I was in KM, u gotta give me your steam man, WFAS community is
starting up again, it would be great if you got involved in it too, pls

tynko96 says:

retarded game, please provide us with something let’s say ENJOYABLE!

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