Blade & Soul CBT1 Force Master Gameplay HD

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Watch us as we play a Lyn male Force Master through Blade & Soul’s first CBT event! This video contains various scenes from our levels 1-10 experience.

Brought to you in HD by, Blade & Soul’s leading English community/fansite!

© NCsoft Corporation, development by Team Bloodlust. All rights reserved.


boris alejandro badillo quiroz says:

how do i download the game?

Zeny says:

wow grinding game sigh

SilentQuality says:

gonna lag like hell

Athos Balmant says:

good in HD.

ItsMe959 says:

Anyone that wants to play this game there is a private server atomix, type
in google and u will find it ;]

Hazel Nut says:

I heared u will need to pay in order to play it so don’t be so excited….
If it’s how they say then it will be crap.

Elmarcyboy says:

Thought ur not allowed to make any videos/screenshoot during the closed
beta, but still nice vid.

Jrion says:

@DemonDarke under development, lol

GMHitsu says:

that is some epic fighting style system!!!!!!!!!!

Vũ Nguyễn Đào says:

Ice Dragon <--- Yeah. Thank you.

TheMrLvost says:

@lalabunnybr If they are talking about putting it on Xbox360 or PS3(Haven’t
heard of PS3 yet), then US servers will be comming soon, not 2-4 years from
now. Just keep your fingers crossed.

ASHL0TTE says:

Yup, Atomix Blade and Soul is the only working Private Server for B&S. XD
I’m currently on it atm.

209KittyCat says:

Sooo Cool!! *, *

ManaJoan says:

Excuse me, how could play Blade and Soul? Is that what I’m looking for the
game but can not find anything, I hope you help me, Thanks!

Aomine Daiki says:

@SM1414 he can run and jump more awsome for starters….

Keyeszx48 says:

So for force masters when you cast the spell does it go to the target or
just straight ahead?

soknife says:

chi force volley ball, the offical sport of BnS!

Sjakieapie says:

@wtmbass 7, look in bottem left of video

YoungerOstrich9 says:

Don’t think it’ll necessarily kill wow because for one alot of people don’t
have computers geared towards very high quality gaming I myself can only
run games like vindictus and dragons nest on low setting because frankly
for my old computer its just too much and I don’t have the money to buy a
computer or more so build one considering I don’t know how so I doubt wow
will completely die unless they make it so even the lowest grade pc can run
this game also as for being better than GWS2 AGREED

Kahlo kahlow says:

This game will totally beat WoW and on my opinion it’s better than guild
wars 2.

RodaSmash says:

@irArcangel NO!

Manok Konam says:

@animebluffy LMAO wahahahaahahahaha!

Fr3akStaYL says:

where you can download it?

DemonDarke says:

hello my class.. where have you been all my life?

GraalGraalian says:

Like, if u litrually had an orgasm.

Buggie Bug says:

Q A Q; I’ve been waiting for this game to dayum long. D:<

Justmykittey says:

@animebluffy there are other races that can play force master, and besides,
these “midgets” are no rats but they are called the “Lyn” race. And they
are f***ing cute

dtptaru says:

this game play in my pc easy … full =) sorry guys ;D

PrinceNakasuki says:

LOL there’s gore in this game i didnt notice untill now

irArcangel says:


LogosRuleFul says:

they’re just lovely. I like Lyn 🙂

AV Gottii says:

are you guys grinding?

Daniel Mcclendon says:

@TheOriginalTwichty ok better now 😀

Randall Phillips says:

Force Master looks so boring…

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