Blade & Soul Online Gameplay Chapter 2 Final Mission 1080p HD

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GZcoo says:

i dont want to know what the cutscene will look if it would get to us or
eu…because of the woman which gots naked…

Thomas Kranz says:

Still waiting for european release……

Dick Butkys says:

I can’t take those little bunny people seriously at all haha.

mizuko wa says:

xq no lo sacan en occidente?

David McDonald says:

waaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttt wut teh fak just happened

Jelena Planjanin says:

when the English version comes out?

hoop Bah says:

seriously? this is basically tera with better clothes and the boobs jiggle
a bit more not impressed :/…

DimosZargarda says:

its korean mmo, if you seen one, you seen all

yacin maslim says:

14:18 the cat must be likeing your asS LOL

Fragtuber Super says:

This is not a Final !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AkiraNasuki says:

Just got to this bit in the game, finally completed 1.0 sad to see the four
great master reduce down to just mushin and jin Soeyeon instant k.o on u
was just… And I did wish to see mushin upon waking up.

Anyways onto BnS 2.0

OsmarH says:

I want uncensored dam it. Stupid USA

Rosae Dea says:

I played this game it’s really fun! Story plot is so great thus lot of you
guys will enjoy it! But remember this game needs good computer and it’s not
free also some of Europeans would dislike it cuz it has a lot of Asian
culture or something; come on! Global friends! Let’s play 블소(BS)!

Sandor D. says:


Artic Wolf says:

LOL i like how the kitty slapped ur butt to revive u

anthony pinon says:

this is way better than chinese version chineser have fucked up hand o.o

Paolo Rojas says:

10:00 that explosive fart

pharmy rob says:

Is that little girl with the rabbit ears and a mustache a dude?

BloodAtrophy says:

I came to see the thumbnail.

omg laelae says:


AuthorityCat says:

So this is path of darkness or something? I wish someone would be nice
enough to explain the story to me…

pr0 ken says:

Oh look! another mmo that focuses on boobs, just like 100000000 other mmos

James Cuevas says:

Why does that little girl have a mustache?

jeffrey woo says:

Y Do There Boobs Move so much o -o

phum Keaos says:

be honest you guys came here just because of the nude girl right?

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