Blade & Soul Online Low Level 20 Blade Master Gameplay

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Blade & Soul Review & Faq Below


ThePokefreak98 says:

Koreans are good with MMO’s
Japanese are good with RPG’s (i know mmos and rpgs are in the same field
but you kinda know what i mean) and Americans are good with Shooters. 

Nervnicht says:

It’s nothing new but for some reason i want this!

Predator01 says:

This Game just looks Shit Hot!….. now I have known about Blade & Soul for
many years now, and I have been hoping that the game will be transferred
into English and come to Europe and the US, but no cigar, for many years
now this game has stayed in Asian Countries which SUX I know cause this
game does look Amazing and I am one who would play this game as soon as the
English servers opened if it ever did, and even tho I’ve heard rumors that
they are thinking of making an English version, I don’t know if they will,
but its only rumors…. and may just stay a rumor, which would SUCK I know.

Jibreel mahdi says:

Is this only for pc and is it free 

el fanfarron says:

woow is like TERA in many ways! o_O

justas5991 says:

Can anyone tell me what soundtrack starts at 0:40 ?

Enes Gamer says:

i have a tons of lags on this game

ChaosPrototypeIX says:

I am sick of mmos for years already but damn, i have to play this one when
it gets translated XD And that running/flying animation is so beautiful XD

Brandon Lee says:

wow im so slow…i had no idea the anime was based off this game face palm

lycan VanHelsing says:

is that a true action combat game or just like age of wushu style of combat

chaz Davis says:

is this game coming to u.s.? looks really good

Jaran Simms says:

Do games like these require mostly the graphic card? Oe fast processor?

Zachary Smith says:

If only I could read Korean. I wanna play this already!

zack wattenbarger says:

this game looks fucking awesome

MMOplayeerr says:

Go up guys and fap some. Nerd virgins.

EthanWildBetta Vang says:

is this ever going to be out in USA?

iCoNiC-Gaming says:

2:25 some brown hair and big eyes and mother of god we have Asuna

Abe Isaac says:

this game is gunna be the shit

MMOplayeerr says:

Porn game.

Brutediamond says:

What is the song name i like it !! 

Ray cee says:

Is this available in the US?

Miro Turkkila says:

Those graphics…

BoardWalkToke says:

Amazing game, I finally got to play it and my god it was beautiful. There
were down sides like how it was all in Korean and I kept getting kicked or
losing connection. Short lived but at least I got a taste of it. Can’t
wait for it to come to North Amer.

Crescent * says:

Is it auto-attack?

Michelle Obonkerz says:

is this a korean game or a japanese game?

Hazy Official says:

how to donwload and install this?

Rin Okumura says:

I’m dying for this. Hopefully, they will make this available for Australia
+ mac users!

omg laelae says:

Is this just a Japanese game, because every time when I look it up on
youtube like Character Creation it always has Japanese voice pack O_O But
I’m sooo gonna play this game, just whenever I get off this worthless ass
Apple Computer -.- Can’t wait any longer :D

FantasiaNerd says:

Peeps, guild wars 2 is much better than this non moving combat bs… Check
my channel for gw2 gameplay. The graphics look good even on a cheap laptop

The Chipmunk says:

This game looks AWESOME,i hope that it will be an english version.

spyrofreak911 says:

Mostly 10+ hours of this gives me bluescreen

sengokugameplay says:

The anime is awesome

Jaran Simms says:

Alonmananron(Reno) dods this go off of graphic card or how fast ur
processor is?

samiyah joezett says:

Is this game available for Apple Mac book pro

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