Cabal 2- Blackwave GamePlay

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Cabal 2- Blackwave


Netz Reyes says:

3rd song ?

Show Time says:

this is so gay

obosytu says:

for the love of god how can u play with that size of UI , and can u log in
from anywhere?

UssZeTi says:

title of 1st song?

All about cabal 2 says:

anyone can give me an account pls?

nacintur1 says:

S. Warayut you can help to play, you are korean man, you can say when cabal
2 be releasead in europe? in all language? please i’m play cabal 1 and i
have CA level 190 all full +15 and don’t play people for fucking
GameMaster is shit, better GameForge, thanks, goodbye

NindGames says:

музыку бы

Warayut Sansri says:

roar-Katy perry

Posthero04 says:

how were you able to get into the kr beta?

werewarwolf3366 says:

may i know the title of the 2nd song?

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