Progresso dos níveis 85 ao 99 no servidor Thor do bRO, e depois a missão completa da classe Guardião Real, foco na história. Monstros abatidos: Stapo e Magmaring (caminho tradicional dos grupos no bRO). Nem [More]
Gameplay en español de ragnarok online servidor Xatiya 2018. En este gameplay podréis ver como aniquilamos una buena cantidad de MVP en el servidor XatiyaRo. Los jobs utilizados son: Creator y Lord Knight. Aqui os [More]
Ansioso pelo lançamento da classe “Rebel” no Brasil Ragnarok Online? Também estou no mínimo curioso. Então convido você a acompanhar comigo o Gunsliger (Justiceiro) Blooregard Rox. Agilidade 1 enquanto der! Nesse vídeo Blooregard upa do [More]
➞Info Game Menarik Follow instagram regabudi Game : Ragnarok M Eternal Love (Android Free) ➞ Subscribe Bro! Gratis Kok! SUBSCRIBE ALFRED PRO PLAYER Mobile Legends PLAYLIST MOBILE LEGENDS :… ➞KUMPULAN [More]
Wokeh temen2! Ragnarok Mobile udah release loh! sumpah seru bgt!! untuk temen2 yang main RO dulu di PC, cobain deh! seru uy! xD hampir sama ama yang dulu di PC, cuman sekarang grafisnya 3D! kalo [More]
Nous avons passé plus de 7 heures sur la version preview de Final Fantasy XV et nous vous proposons une vingtaine de minutes de gameplay commenté !
Welcome to my gameplay walkthrough of Final Fantasy XV. This is my first playthrough of Final Fantasy 15 and I will be showing you the full story, review all cut scenes and the Final Fantasy [More]
FFXV the full game build loqi boss fight in his MA-X class robot, the fight has also an epic music ost, the video also shows new gun gameplay, Declaration of War, chapter ending quest.
Let’s take a look at Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition and see if it’s good! Based on a full playthrough of game content on PS4 & 10 hours with the PC Client. Check out FFXV [More]
FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE – PSX 2015 Trailer They are coming back to Midgar… Mako Reactors are draining the life energy of the planet. The Shinra Corporation rules over a corrupt surveillance state. [More]
FF7 Remake 1st gameplay trailer, combat, cutscenes & more footage from PSX 2015, do you think we will get more news and trailer/gameplay in 2018? Support me/Donate: Follow me on Twitter: Become my [More]
★Série Completa: ❤Seja um Apoiador e ajude o canal: ❤Compre jogos na promoção e ganhe 6 ou mais no fim do mês: ❤Vive fora do Brasil? Quer fazer uma única doação? Faça [More]
Petite vidéo sur FLYFF , le MMORPG où tu pouvais voler !
server: Tips to level effeciently. 1. Have a leech! Lower the level the better, for new players it is better to level an Ringmaster alongside you so you can support yourself (Download FTool!) [More]
► Suscribete ► ► ► ► ✦ Mi steam: Bradinsky ✦ Mi origin: Bradinskyvlog ✦ Mi battlenet: BRADINSKY#2535 ►BOARD: Gigabyte GA-Z97X-SOC FORCE LGA 1150 Z97 ►PROCESADOR: Intel Core i7-4790 ►MEMORIA [More]
Broadcasted live on Twitch — Watch live at
Hit that like button if you had a good time 😀 “Thanks for watching, everyone have a fantastic day!” ***Stream Schedule Youtube or Twitch*** Monday – Friday (Mornings) when I can 😀 ***Awesome Lotro Friends*** [More]
Download the basic rules for FREE here: The mapping software we used: Want to see more? Make sure to Subscribe and Like! Facebook ► Twitter ► Streaming every Saturday! ► Buy Quill18 [More]
Gunnar Bauerson tells us of the giant beast imprisoned within the underground complex and the Sahuagin’s plan to waken it. This plan, we must thwart! 🕹️ Humble Bundle: ⚔️ Guild Wars 2 for free: [More]
With DDO Community Manager Cordovan and others. Learn more about how to play DDO for FREE at!
Very short video of my Fury on Splitpaw – Kewgoole if your on the same server.
Everquest 2: Chaos Descending new expansion part 3. Guardian game-play. Broadcasted live on Twitch — Watch live at Blue Yeti ( Black ) microphone Turtle Beach Ear Force headset and mic. Razer [More]
Everquest II Assassin Class Preview 2014 If you sub you can expect, Mostly MMO content Games I tend to revisit often: WoW, FF14, EQ2, ESO & Landmark If it’s new and worth testing out you [More]
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