Sorry for the bad quality but in editing I changed some options and that happened :/. Sect patrolling in the CBT of the European version of Age of Wulin.The video was 1 and a half [More]
Fighting and flying through China with the greatest of ease. Find more videogame reviews, previews, and trailers on The Escapist Magazine, at
A game that uses kinda the style of 9dragons, but much better in graphics.
Starting Zone è una video-rubrica che riassume i primi minuti, dalla creazione del personaggio ai primi scontri, del panorama mmorpg. Visitate il nostro sito per rimanere aggiornati su tutti i nostri titoli; potrete trovare recensioni, [More]
In diesem Video stellen wir Age of Wulin vor. Das Martial-Arts-MMORPG befindet sich derzeit in der Beta-Phase. PC Games auf Facebook PC Games auf Twitter
Warhammer Online – Age of Reckoning Gameplay – Private Server
Here are some first impressions of the Archer Class of new RO2.
Just showing my assassin. Pretty happy with how he was turning out. I’m basically working on a few khara quests here so I’m killing a bunch of the same enemies for those.
Tree of Savior is often referred to as the “spiritual successor of Ragnarok Online”. The game features four base classes, swordsman, archer, wizard and cleric, which can advance to several other classes. ►Subscribe: ►Follow [More]
Ragnarok Online Bio Lab Servants and LOVA RO BGM Remixed Ver. These units have nice skills and ninja AoE stealth passive. Please LIKE the video and SUBSCRIBE! Cheers! Follow and AMA on Facebook! [More]
Vantheman’s Channel game trailer,game trailers,Game, Gameplay, Trailer No copyright infringement intended. All rights attributed accordingly. All original material belongs to their appropriate owners. Copyright Disclaimer: Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance [More]
Wir werfen einen Blick in die Closed Beta von Everquest Next Landmark und testen die Sandbox und ihre Möglichkeiten. Und natürlich darf meine typische Verpeiltheit, Begeisterung und kritische Betrachtung dabei nicht fehlen ^^ “Everquest Next [More]
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EverQuest Next se presenta con este excelente video donde muestra su gameplay. Infórmate de todas las novedades del mundo de los videojuegos en nuestra comunidad
I wish to take this moment to thank my Reddit stalker, without all of your trolling and no-lifing bs, the videos i post on reddit would have never got as many views as they have. [More]
Generic RIFT gameplay 2015 title is generic! •Follow me on Twitch: •Do you enjoy my videos so much that you want to throw small amounts of currency at me so I can make poor [More]
RIFT is a free to play MMORPG that’s been heavily requested by you guys for me to cover, RIFT instantly felt pretty familiar to be and it has a lot of similarities to WoW however [More]
Just something to show how d/r looks like on battlefield. Server: Macantacht EU
~Watch in HD for the best experience.~
My little brother on his level 62/50 Priest/Mage in Limo Desert. Level- 62/50 Class- Priest/Mage Server- Grimdal Guild- Eternal IGN- Makewarnotlove This video was made a little before the release of chapter 4: Land of [More]