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RIFT is a free to play MMORPG that’s been heavily requested by you guys for me to cover, RIFT instantly felt pretty familiar to be and it has a lot of similarities to WoW however [More]
Just something to show how d/r looks like on battlefield. Server: Macantacht EU
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My little brother on his level 62/50 Priest/Mage in Limo Desert. Level- 62/50 Class- Priest/Mage Server- Grimdal Guild- Eternal IGN- Makewarnotlove This video was made a little before the release of chapter 4: Land of [More]
Epic battles, awesome fights and breathtaking duels. Here we deliver a first taste of what awaits you in Taborea, the world of Runes of Magic. 2008: #5 – Most Discussed (All Time) – Gaming – [More]
Runes of Magic Let’s Play von RalleDerRasende die tägliche Dosis RoM mit aktuellen Themen, heute: Entspannung vor dem Sturm ~Eckdaten Runes of Magic Runewaker Entertainment Gameforge ~Let’s Play MMORPG Runes of Magic Kommentiertes Gameplay [More]
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Offical Server By Zemi Interactive Aerial War every day, more times for all free to play MMORPGs and MMO Games
You need the following items to transform. Argenta wing tail tattoo necklace weapon x2 Her skills only have 1 second cool-down, and relatively high damage. Anyway, it’s really fun to play.
Took me a total of 11 hours to get from lvl 1 to 80 but since i was busy with work yesterday, i didn’t really get a chance to upload the PVE game play version [More] Dragon Nest! It’s the DRAGONEST! One of Nexon’s favored titles with a common reaction of “people still play that?” Dragon Nest is a free-to-play dungeon brawler MMO, like Vindictus, except SUPAH KAWAII. Come [More]
Assassin and party fighting lv 40 Ice Queen from Christmas Event (dec 2013). Comment bellow if you want boss’ strategy guides, pvp or any other request. All feedbacks are apreciated 😉 Subscribe for more vídeos. [More]
Open Beta starts 24th October 2012 😀 Playing during the Raiderz Stress Test event as a Defender. (12th October 4:00pm PDT – 15th October 2012 5:00pm PDT) A First Look of the Game… The [More]
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Kısa bir pvp videosu 🙂
Então galera, vim aqui hj pra dar uma explicação rápida de pq n ta rolando vídeo aqui no canal igual antes! Por favor vejam as explicações todas para entenderem bem! E pra isso não ser [More]
Hoy voy a estrenar una nueva sección en mi canal que constara de reviews de ciertos MMORPGs así podréis ver como es el juego y ver si os gusta antes de descargarlo. También servirá por [More]
Hier zeige ich das MMORPG RaiderZ. Viel Spaß! Das Spiel war eine Zeit lang down, ist jetzt aber wieder durch Steam verfügbar und spielbar 🙂
SIGUENOS y Probamos el MMO RaiderZ. Un juego parecido a Monster Hunter o Tera que se basa en un mundo abierto enorme para cazar y coleccionar items y criaturas cumpliendo muchas misiones. Dale [More]
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