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Final Fantasy Dissidia NT open beta is live! WOOT! Opening our online gamplay match first impressions WIIITH…. Golbez gameplay! What are my thoughts on him? His skill set? Abilities to reap angus in the arena. [More]
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Starting from level 200, your characters can unleash their true powers by activating new 5th job skills. Check out what amazing new ability has been unlocked for all of your favorite characters! Learn more here: [More]
MapleStory 2 is now available in China with a valid QQ account. I already had one from other Chinese games, so it was pretty easy to get on and check it out. Hope you enjoy [More]
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Maplestory 2 (2017): First look gameplay – Assassin In this video I record myself playing Maplestory 2 for the first time EVER. This is my first look at Maplestory 2’s character creation system, unique setting [More]
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Clutter Butter tries out the new Kinesis character class on Maplestory Reboot! Clutter Butter is playing the new Reboot server where the monsters are harder to defeat, but defeating them comes with a higher meso [More]
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I had plan for this video that derailed rather quickly. Ended up in a giant ice cave… Devs Description: Critically acclaimed and now Free to Play, WildStar is a fantastical sci-fi MMO where you can [More]
Struck by a mysterious accident during her time-travel, the Academic is currently stuck in a child-like state. Don’t be fooled by her cute appearance though, because this sassy lass has access to the most cutting-edge [More]
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Raven focus on meelee to mid range attacks. Equipment and skill build: Unlike ripper, most of raven’s skills are “throw and forget” type. It is rather easier to play compared to ripper who requires [More]
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