Discussing the significance of Asheron’s Call’s Shard of the Herald live event. Part two focuses on daily life during the shard defense era, mostly on the Thistledown server, and for not only the actual shard [More]
Asheron’s Call is live now thanks to the hard work of many, including all of the hopeful and loyal fans who laboriously recorded map and dungeon data in the final months of Asheron’s Call. It [More]
A slow crawl walk-thru to complete the Frozen Fury Quest for 37.5M XP in the Asheron’s Call Emulator. Play AC for free: https://www.gdleac.com/ Quest guide: http://asheron.wikia.com/wiki/Frozen_Fury
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Not quite sure why this didnt go through the first time.
Making a New Character Using No Buff bots, No Items from my Higher Character’s, No Help From Anyone What So Ever. Just showing How Hard Asheron’s Call Was At launch.
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Link Tải Game cho AE nhé : https://store.steampowered.com/app/956580/9Dragons__Kung_Fu_Arena/ kênh bỏ xó hơi lâu nên quyết định comeback lại hi vọng AE không quên mặt mình nhé Link facebook cá nhân : https://www.facebook.com/beliber3003 Link facebook Page [More]
Em homenagem ao UP do xissdEE para o level 86 no MetinBR, mostrei meu up para o level 121 no 9Dragons… vlw Xissdee… minha homenagem a vc
Hi all, this is the gear I’m currently using. As usual, nothing to hide.
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Top players of 9dragons in Yin vs Mwuah
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Is Neverwinter worth playing in 2019? – I think it is.. duh ☺ Timestamps: ● Payment Model 1:30 ● Leveling + Progression 3:44 ● Character Customization 6:22 ● Combat 8:28 ● Population + Updates 10:25 [More]
This is a play through of the demo that came with The Second Age expansion CD way back in 1998. It shows how the game was over 10 years ago. http://www.uoguide.com – Ultima Online’s Game [More]
Demo of the pirate system for the upcoming Outlands Ultima Online server.
Playing Ultima Online checking out some of the old dungeons with my tamer. UO still has some fun left in it. I like using a Tamer but I miss my Bard! We will explore some [More]
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