The EverQuest Next keynote from SOE Live that was recorded on August 15th, 2014
EVERQUEST NEXT IS CANCELLED BOYS, FUCK DAYBREAK FOREVER ———————– Here it is! The first look into EverQuest Next that was shown at SOE Live 2013. The new gameplay trailer for EverQuest Next MMO showcases large scale destruction.
OMG I cant wait for this game, this is going to be epic! About the game: EverQuest Next is the planned next game in the EverQuest franchise of massively multiplayer online role-playing games, a successor [More]
VEJAM OS VIDEOS que dei esta notícia a 1 ano atrás: MMO News . BOMBA . EverQuest Next CANCELADO. SONY VSF FDP MMO News . (N)EverQuest Next Cancelado. #2 Mais informações… APOIE AS [More]
New independently developed MMORPG Ashes Of Creation aims to “change the face of the genre” with some striking similarities to the ill fated EverQuest Next! Kickstarter Page: Follow me on Facebook:
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Welcome to my Let’s Play Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Walkthrough. This Gameplay Walkthrough contains the full Terra, Aqua, and Ventus playthroughs with commentary. 100% treasure is found in most levels. Kingdom Hearts Birth by [More]
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Let’s talk about Terra in Paragon. I got my hands on Terra this morning and she feels good! I thought she was going to be more game breaking but she is a solid hero! Enjoy! [More]
Welcome to my Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Gameplay Walkthrough. This is my first time playing Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep and I’m beyond excited to see where this story goes. Kingdom hearts Birth By [More]
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A full 2 player game of Sub Terra First Impressions: Twitter: Find out more about Sub Terra here:
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decouverte et vraiment bonne surprise avec ce mmorpg très orienté action ! — Watch live at
I’ve been leveling Arisha in the Korean Test Server to try the new 2nd Weapon and here is some gameplay. This game has IP-Block in Korea, it’s a bit hard to play with a free [More]
How is Vindictus in 2017? Vindictus is an instanced mmo released in 2010 developed and published by devCat Studios and Nexon. Originally under the name “Mabinogi Heroes”, it was, well obviously a prequel to their [More]