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(League Of Beggars) new gameplay
Emperor Of Dragons server ,a future DB8 server cap ,no KJ ,H set ,raf cap +12 ,cool gifts and many others 🙂
Because this other one got old
Terceiro vídeo da série Thor Update falando sobre as notas da manutenção do dia 18/11/2014, mostrando meu up com o sábio no mapa dos Roweens, boas notícias relacionadas a Level Up Games e o servidor [More]
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Just a game play trailer to show some others what the game is about. 14 day Free trial period with an Up to date client go to Yes there are private servers out there [More]
Just throwing it out there to show other Vesparians.
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Suprise, this is my Ultima Online series. I will be playing this game at the same time as other games. I will explore everything this game has to offer, so expect a lot of these [More]
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On 6/22/2013, Britannian seers foresaw that the legendary dragon known as “Glaurung the Ancient One” would awaken from his slumber at the bottom of the ocean and lead a terrible invasion upon the humans of [More]
My first trip to the Stygian Dragon Peerless spawn. I heard about it from fellow guild members who attempted the spawn the previous night. They had a lot of trouble and it took well over [More] Ultima Online Infos : Übersicht der Folgen :
Witam, z tej strony HardeN, chciałbym Was przywitać w nowej serii na YT. W tej serii filmów będę odgrywał swoją postać na jednym z polskich serwerów Ultima Online. Ultima Online to zapomniana już gra MMORPG. [More]
A blast from the Past with an updated Look and feel. I admit it I have been a huge Ultima fan for a long time, here is a look at Ultima online 15 years after [More]
Il Gioco:—Classic-Client-v7.0.10.3/download-popup/&iframe=true&width=666&height=594 – Lista dei vari shards italiani – uo dreams – uo italia – Venus
German: Ein Gamestar gameplay video über Ultima Online aus der Ausgabe 5/1999. Damals gab es in jeder Ausgabe ein Tagebuch über die Abenteuer von Belle Star (der Spielfigur) in der Welt von Ultima. Deshalb später [More]